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Home Automation: 3 Ways It Can Keep Your Family Safe

Home security and home automation are becoming more tightly interlinked, but some of the methods in which a smart home can help provide greater security for your family may surprise you. The benefits go beyond simple deterrence or a quick response from authorities.

1. Remote Access

The most obvious benefit of remote access comes from the security system itself, but even things like remote lighting control and access to door locks can help. While away on vacation, you can schedule your lights to deter would-be thieves. You can also lighten up a dark house when you pull in late at night, ensuring a safer entry. If you have service personal coming while you are away from home, you need not give them a key or code to access your property. Simply unlock the door and keep an eye on them with remote feeds via your smartphone. Lock the house back up once they’ve finished and gone.

2. Perimeter Alerts

With sensors attached to exterior doors and windows, it’s easy enough to pair different aspects of your automation system to keep you informed and secure. For example, you can set a simple tone to chime anytime a door opens. Automation offers a fantastic way for parents to keep track of particularly mischievous small children. You can pair a camera to take a small video of your child coming home from school as they open the door and get that clip sent to your smartphone or email. You’ll know not only that the kids are home, but who came with them.

3. Flood, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detection

With some emergency situations, the most critical element is time. The faster you can get your family alert and to safety and the quicker emergency response teams can make their way to you, the less damage and danger you will suffer. Home automation can include constant monitoring for basement flooding, trigger fire warnings at the sign of smoke, and even alert you to rising levels of carbon monoxide.

The benefits of modern home automation systems extend beyond basic security. Each aspect of your home works together to secure you and your family. The best systems can also help pay for themselves by intelligently adapting your heating and cooling and efficiently managing your lighting and small appliances, all accessible via intuitive smartphone apps. Not quite the Jetsons, but closing in.

We’d love to start the conversation about converting your ordinary home into a smarter and SAFER home through our partnership with Give us a call (910) 317-0876 or request a quote online.

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