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Unexpected Benefits of a Smart Home

The concept of smart home is relatively new. The best way to help explain the concept of a smart home is drawing from the analogy of the transition from regular phones to smart phones. A smart home is equipped with different devices which could be conveniently managed from a central unit. Smart home devices are popping up on the internet. Research conducted by IHS Technology illustrates that

“…by the year 2018, about 45 million smart home devices would have been installed, exponentially growing annual sales of smart home devices to about $12 billion.”

Smart home devices include items used for:
  • Climate control

  • Lights

  • Appliances

  • Locks

  • Cameras

  • Monitors and much more

Smart Home Technology is Convenient

Smart home devices offer great management tools which could be managed and controlled from within and outside of your home.

Smart Home Technology Improves Efficiency

Smart home devices can significantly improve efficiency in many ways. Some new smart home thermostat devices such as Nest Thermostat can help you in adjustment of temperatures during hot or cold conditions. Nest Thermostat can shift into the “away mode” when you leave your home. This process in itself can help you save your energy costs in a significant manner.


The home security system that comes with a smart home automation device is far more superior and advanced than the traditional security systems and does not necessarily cost more. It provides better security management ability for your smart home using new state of the art and proven hardware. It also utilizes professional monitoring enhanced by efficient support personnel. Learn more about

Connectable with mobile devices

Your smart home security could be connected with your smart mobile phones and other mobile devices. Is your loved one locked out of the house? No problem, unlock your door from your office to let your family member into your home, how cool and convenient? You can access your smart home security system surveillance from your office or coffee shop thereby enabling you to take your family’s security to the next level. Your smart phone recognizes when you get home and turns on all your needed lights.

Other smart home automation devices include:
  • Hue lights

  • Elan g Entertainment and Control System

  • home security technology

  • Withings scale

  • Surround Sound Speakers

  • Simple human automatic trash-cans

  • Simple human automatic soap dispensers

  • Apple TVs on both TVs

  • Logitech Harmony Home Control remotes on both TVs

  • Much More!

Are you looking to upgrade your ordinary home to a smart home? We’re the home audio, video, and home automation specialists located in Leland, NC. Contact us for free quote.

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