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Actually Relax This Summer Vacation With Home Security At Your Fingertips

Summer time and the living is easy. When you packed up the car to head off on vacation, you didn’t even think about your house. You know it is safe and secure because you have monitoring, an alarm system and you can even check on your house with your cell phone. If this doesn’t describe you, take a look at some of the latest security options available to you, and ease your mind this summer.

Security cameras

Cameras can be placed nearly anywhere around your home. You and the monitoring company can both have a view of who is at your front door or why your dog is barking at the back door. Thieves hate cameras…they are used to gain convictions! If they realize you have cameras, they will likely move on.

Motion detectors

Even without cameras, motion detectors alert you and the monitoring company of the presence of someone inside your home. Don’t worry about your dog setting off the motion detectors, because there are special sensors which account for them.

Window and door alerts

These sensors alert to any window or doors opening when your alarm is turned on. The monitoring company will contact you to verify it is unauthorized, and send the authorities if needed.

Glass break sensors

Pretty much any time the glass is broken on a door or window, trouble follows. Minimize it with sensors.

Temperature sensors

If your air conditioning or heating unit fails while you are away, it can cause lots of damage to your home. If you have temperature sensors, you can get someone there to handle the problem and not come home to broken pipes or mold.

Fire and smoke alarm

Catching a fire early can prevent most of the damage it causes to a home, so including a fire and smoke alarm in your protection package is wise.

24/7 monitoring

Professional monitoring tracks your systems and responds immediately when something does not seem right, summoning help quickly in an emergency.

Smartphone apps

The latest smartphone apps let you monitor all your systems from the office or the beach. You can actually see when someone is at your front door, or when your kids get home from school.

Need to make your home more secure? You’re in luck! In Southeastern North Carolina, you can call Connected Home and get it handled quickly, efficiently and affordably.

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