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New Elan 8.3 Update Released!

With its ability to provide dealers and customers with the most integrated and intuitive automation platform, Nortek has just unveiled its new 8.3 software update. Chris and Mike have just visited the booth at ISE 2019 where they have seen the full capabilities first hand with the Nortek team who has just implemented this amazing new update.

“ELAN 8.3 is our latest software that makes the smart home or business more intuitive and intelligent, and provides dealers and end-user customers with more customization options,” said NSC Director of Software Product Management Tom McKeon. “With every update, we make it easier to access, control, and automate more subsystems within the installation and, in doing so, we continue to equip our dealers with the most seamless control platform to sell to their customers.” Most notable feature is the new enhancement of the security camera viewing and functionality, showing off the new *Intellivision to minimize false positive alerts from motion detection.

Now that the 8.3 has been released, ELAN Surveillance Configuration and Recording options are now available to the end user in the Viewer tab. You can now program custom recording schedules, zones, and quickly apply these to all cameras. Users can also employ a privacy mask password protection on per-user basis with up to four regions per camera, and add link recording and privacy options to System Mode.

“The new capabilities offered by the ELAN Surveillance Camera line lets users define a custom ‘survey area’ for advanced motion detection, and set sensitivity, object size, width parameters, and scene types,” McKeon said. “The system can distinguish between a ‘person’ and a general motion event – like a tree swaying in the wind – that is a primary reason people turn off their alerts.”

Additionally, dealers can now optionally set static IP addresses for NVR and Cameras in the Discover tab with a new preview window when adding camera to assist with identification and renaming. The update also offers improved Surveillance footage timeline loading, and progressive loading for more responsive local and remote playback.

ELAN 8.3 also enables a new robust weather service, with new weather icon sets; a multiple pool support feature that allows for up to four pools on the controller; and updated drivers for popular AVRs including Integra®, Onkyo®, Pioneer®, Denon®, Marantz® and Sony®.

With 8.3, ELAN now communicates directly with the 2GIG® Vario® hybrid wired/wireless security panel. For pool and spa control, Pentair IntelliCenter™ support has been added. The Sonos® driver updates enable Line-In support for players as well as Static Zones for home theater players and Optical-In selection.

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