A cool component is a more reliable component, that's why every cabinet and closet needs the SlimSix Vent System. Perfect for installing anywhere a sleek look is desired, these systems quickly move hot air away from equipment to protect from overheating, which can lead to product failure. Easily reconfigure the vent fans to bring in cool air or exhaust hot air - whatever the install requires. Plus you can mount the system vertically or horizontally for maximum flexibility. Constructed from heavy-gauge steel, it features a removable grill and contains 6 ultra-quiet, brushless DC fans that operate almost silently to create circulation in style.

Install under cabinets, on closet doors, in toe kicks, or any place where standard cooling products will not fit…this vent system is versatile enough to go almost anywhere and provide either spot-cooling or general airflow for AV components. And a removable grill allows this product to look great in any application.

This unit is compatible with the TC-ALTv2, for when you want to let the temperature itself control the speed of the fan and use less power when possible.

Each unit comes with a 5-12VDC power supply that allows you to tailor the speed from a gasp to a gale.


This product can be professionally installed, in our service area, at a rate of $125 per hour. Call for an appointment.

Cool Components Vent Fan

SKU: 112453498900
Color: White
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