The Elan G1 System Controller breaks new ground by providing a rich on-screen display (OSD) interface, together with an elegant hand held remote control and everything you need to integrate with audio, video and numerous smart home technologies.

An ‘off the shelf’ universal remote would provide control for audio and video devices and possibly lighting, whereas the Elan G1 System Controller allows intelligently crafted integration of the various technologies within your home. For small to moderate sized home control installations, the Elan G1 System Controller provides a single point of control for media, climate, lighting, security, cameras, and irrigation systems. Bringing together best of the breed third party systems in limited quantities, as well as unlimited amounts of ELAN and Core Brands products, whilst providing the best user experience available today.

The Elan G1 System Controller provides the complete user experience and accommodates all standard interfaces including Elan’s award winning HR2 hand held remote, wall mount touch panels and keypads as well as iOS, Android, PC and Mac interfaces.

When the Elan G1 System Controller is used as an extender to an Elan gSC series system controller, it creates a very cost effective way to add additional control connections and the g! user experience to another area. For ultimate flexibility the Elan G1 System Controller includes Wi-Fi for use where you don’t have a convenient wire path, or can be be added to a Power over Ethernet (PoE) network to receive both power and data connections, reducing wiring clutter.

Using the same programming interface as the Elan gSC series system controllers, the Elan G1 System Controller continues Elan’s 25+ year tradition in innovative products that integrator’s prefer to install by providing the leverage needed to install systems from moderate to luxurious system requirements.



  • Complete single-package solution – includes everything you need to control an average media room system.
  • All inclusive – Compatible with all ELAN g! user interfaces including the award winning HR2 remote, ELAN touch panels and keypads as well as iOS and Android mobile devices and PC and Mac computers.
  • Complete control – One of the largest on-board IR library’s in the industry features one-click IR source generation for touch panel interface & IR code assign – saves hours of programming.
  • Sense input – automation based on voltage, light, contact closure, or audio signals.
  • Ultra efficient fan-less design – no moving parts for high reliability operation.
  • Flexibility – Compact design that allows installation in cabinets, structured wiring cabinets or behind a display.
  • Powerful – In standalone controller mode controller mode, the g1 can easily automate a small to moderate sized installation. Please see gTools Help files for maximum capabilities.
  • A great partner – Extender mode for use with gSC series controllers on larger installations.
  • PoE or Wi-Fi connection – maximum placement flexibility



  • Serial RS-232 (1) 3.5mm Connector (Stereo)
  • ELAN Sense (1) 3.5mm Connector (Stereo)
  • IR Input (1) 3.5mm Connector (Stereo) 12V DC
  • IR Output (3) 3.5mm Connector (Mono) 12V DC
  • Audio (1) 3.5mm Connector (Stereo)
  • On-Screen Display (1) HDMI Female Connector
  • USB (1) USB-A Connector
  • Ethernet (1) RJ-45 PoE Compatible
  • Power (1) Coaxial Type-A – 2.5mm inside dimensions



  • Software compatibility Requires g!7.0 or above
  • Updates Managed by g! software
  • Wi-Fi Integrated Wi-Fi radio


This product can be professionally installed, in our service area, at a rate of $125 per hour. Call for an appointment.

Elan G1 Home Controller

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