Manufacturer: ELAN Home Systems

Model Number(s): HHR: HR10 Wi-Fi Handheld Remote Control Minimum Core Module Version: ELAN 8.2

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Boot Version: USB MSD Version:


The HHR (Hand Held Remote) family of Handheld Remote Controls utilize instant-on WiFi technology to provide a quick and seamless interface to an Elan Home Control system for control of media devices and various subsystems in the home. The HR10 model remote includes a LCD screen interface with 6 hard buttons for customizable control plus adds several of the most common hard buttons found on typical universal remotes.

The HR10 remote is the the ultimate single zone remote control. It features a 2.4” color LCD screen for easy operation with hard buttons for commonly used functions. Includes battery and charging station.

We designed and built the new ELAN HR10 with one primary goal: Make it easier than ever for ELAN dealers to place the award-winning ELAN user interface into more areas of the home than ever before. This includes rooms that were previously not a viable option, like guest rooms, kids’ rooms and the media room. In fact, the HR10 excels as a media room controller and when paired with a g1 controller it does so at a very competitive price. Compatible with all current ELAN system controllers, the HR10 controls lighting and climate as well as media.
The remote sports a 2.4” color LCD screen with three soft keys on either side. Like the HR30, it’s three customizable buttons below the screen deliver instant access to music, movies and lighting, and its accelerometer ensures it wakes instantly when needed. The updated 802.11 b/g.n Wi-Fi radio ensures a robust connection to the network at all times. When not in use, its sleek charging base, cradles it in a convenient upright position.

  • Fast, responsive high-resolution screen
  • Soft key control on either side of display
  • Affordable, easy to use and simple to configure
  • Controls all AV sources with metadata feedback for supported devices
  • Controls lighting and climate with metadata feedback
  • 46 backlit hard buttons for common functions found on today’s sources
  • Three assignable buttons
  • Noiseless accelerometer for activating LCD and backlight
  • Slim profile for ease of use and comfort
  • Uses Wi-Fi for communication 
  • Quick & easy programming using the ELAN Configuration Software
  • Compatible with all current ELAN System Controllers
  • Ships standard with battery, charging base, power supply, and USB Cable.


This product can be professionally installed, in our service area, at a rate of $125 per hour. Call for an appointment.

Elan HR10 Remote

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Color: Black
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