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The Episode® ES 300 Satellite Bookshelf speakers are modeled after the popular ES 500 Series units, but at a price point that will outperform any other speaker in its class. The outstanding audio quality and furniture-quality lacquer finishes provide not only a great sound for any of the smaller spaces in a home or office, but blend into any décor as well. Timbre-matched to other models in the 300 Series.

You don’t just want music in your family room. And the Episode 300 Series bookshelves are the perfect speaker for just about anywhere in your home. These small but beautifully-finished compact speakers pack a lot of punch for their size. Ideal for a bedroom or small office, these in-room models are timbre-matched to the rest of the ES-300 series for unmatched quality and sound.


This product can be professionally installed, in our service area, at a rate of $125 per hour. Call for an appointment.

Episode 300 Series Bookshelf Speakers (Set of 2)

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