Enhance the audio of even the thinnest TVs without having to use a bulky AV receiver. Episode® Digital Mini Amplifiers deliver outstanding sound quality and cool-running performance – in one convenient, pint-sized package that stays out of sight. Featuring two inputs with selectable priority and IR control with learning, they can be programmed to work with any remote or control system. And when used in conjunction with our Strong™ VersaBox, they can be tucked neatly behind the TV.

Equipped with two inputs – analog RCA and digital optical Toslink – this amplifier drives superior sound for two pieces of equipment, like a BluRay player and cable box. Plus it’s great for applications that need to incorporate multi-room audio with a single TV. This amp automatically switches to the input with an active signal, but you can set a priority input to ensure that one device always takes precedence – even if both are being used.

Thanks to IR learning, you can control this amplifier using the customer’s existing remote. It provides fast and easy control of volume and basic commands. You can also use the Episode® Remote Control for Digital Mini-Amplifier (sold separately) to teach the discrete IR commands to any universal remote. For more complex systems, the amp’s hard-wired IR input can be used to connect directly to a control system. Hex codes are available for download on the Support Tab.

This amp features a subwoofer line level output and a 5V DC output – perfect for connecting our Wireless Subwoofer or any other device that uses 5V DC, without using a bulky power supply. And you can even set the high pass filter to 60Hz Pass to protect both the amplifier and the speakers it’s powering.

Our engineers have combined advanced digital amplifier technologies with installer-friendly features to create a robust power plant built from the ground up for today's audio applications. Unlike analog amplifiers from the competition, our digital amplifiers are much more energy efficient and run up to 80% cooler.

Equipped with EQ settings, this amplifier can be customized to meet the customer’s exact preferences. Three presets for music, movies, and voice allow you to adjust the settings to achieve ideal audio in every application. Additional bass and treble adjustments are available through discrete IR command codes.


This product can be professionally installed, in our service area, at a rate of $125 per hour. Call for an appointment.

Episode-EA-Mini-2D-35 Mini Amplifier

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