This Episode® 700 Series Angled In-Ceiling Speaker provides outstanding audio quality with a 6 ½” Paper and Kevlar high-performance woofer, Nomex® Spider, high-temperature cone, and 1” titanium catenary dome tweeter. Created for high-performance music distribution systems, performance home theater applications, and high-end listening rooms when paired with one of our subwoofers, it’s guaranteed to impress.

Speakers need to be aimed or pointed only once. Building a speaker that can move creates a number of issues that in turn produce lousy sound. The worst issue created is the multiple reflections that occur with a recessed driver in a plastic housing. These point speakers allow you to easily point sound at the desired location, plus they produce crystal-clear sound. Just point the speaker drivers where you need them - and you’re good to go. No need to worry about them shifting. A polypropylene woofer features wide dispersion and is angled at 15 degrees to cover the entire listening area. The tweeter dispersion is narrow and can be pivoted for fine tuning. Foam lining dampens reflections and allows audio signals to be directed to the listening location without masking from secondary reflections, producing a much better sounding speaker.

We’ve combined the strength of Kevlar™ with the natural damping qualities of paper in a unique woofer material. A multi-step drying process during manufacturing enables these drivers to retain a natural, open cell structure that results in well-damped, neutral acoustic characteristics. This speaker features a 6 1/2-inch version of this driver, further enhancing low-frequency performance.

Outstanding driver voicing, specifically engineered crossover network (2nd order) and enhanced driver housing construction were designed to ensure rigid mounting and greater sound clarity, virtually eliminating secondary speaker resonance that can distort performance. The result is excellent imaging, reduced distortion, and superior fidelity.

This 700 series speaker features a 6 ½” PP Injection cone, Nomex® Spider, high-temperature cone, and 1” titanium catenary dome tweeter. Optimized for outstanding audio performance, this driver combination will deliver realistic music and voice reproduction unmatched at this MSRP.


This product can be professionally installed, in our service area, at a rate of $125 per hour. Call for an appointment.

Episode ES-700-Point-6(Set of 2)

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Color: White
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