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Home Theater

Custom Home Theater design by Connected Home Inc. in Leland NC offering and installing Sony projectors, projector screens, and Atmos enabled surrond sound systems in Wilmington NC, Figure Eight Island NC, Oak Island NC, Southport NC and Saint James NC.

Home Theater has been successfully growing in popularity decade over decade mainly because they are becoming less expensive and let's face it, we love to be entertained. With the development of Atmos enabled surround sound, 4K, Blu-Ray, streaming capabilities and the increasing prominence of smart home technology, you can have an amazing experience using voice control in your theater.  New smart home sync devices, such as Control4, are allowing easier access to multi-room sound and home theater integration. Many people enjoy entertaining themselves with movies and television programming, but want that full envelopment that a larger theater provides. Now you can experience full immersion into a film in the convenience of your own home.  No more long lines, over price soda and popcorn, or sold out shows.  You choose the time and you choose your company. Connected Home Inc. offers full home theater solutions including projectors and screens, multiple surround sound options, Roku and Blu Ray players, sound absorption panels, custom theater seating and devices to integrate your lighting controls for that perfect experience for you and the family.

Surround Sound

Custom Home Theater in Wilmington NC by Connected Home Inc. offering and installing Sony projectors, projector screens, and Atmos enabled surrond sound systems with a custom home theater design. Also serving Saint James NC, Carolna Beach NC, Figure Eight Island NC, Southport NC, Wrightville Beach NC, and Leland NC

For a home theater to truly be complete, you need the proper sound for full immersion. In the great room, a soundbar and bass may be more than sufficient, but you theater yearns for full surround sound. Every home theater is different in style, design, and size. This is something we take into consideration of every room we design for a client. A crucial aspect in any surround sound is speaker placement. It is not just about the product you supply, but also the knowledge and skill to have proper speaker placement, the correct delays accounted for in the rear speakers, and finding the perfect sweet spot in that room for the full effect. There is a lot that goes into perfect sound. When you combine our training and experience together with your input, it will be a room you want to visit as often as possible.

Connected Home has partnered with only the best in home theater sound. We offer a wide range of speakers and multi-zone av receivers that can support Dolby 5.1, Dolby 7.1, and even for an Atmos Enabled 7.1.2. You can any combination of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, surface mounted or hidden behind the screen. Connected Home can completely wire your sound during new construction or we have wireless solutions.

Home Theater Design 

Atmos Enabled Surround Sound and Custom Home Theater Design from Connected Home Inc. a professional audio visual company, also authorized Dish Network retailer in Wilmington NC, Leland NC ans Saint James NC.

Home Theater design can be challenging, especially if there is not a dedicated room for the theater. Everything must be taken into consideration to get that perfect movie theater experience. When planning for a custom home theater, first we must determine if there will be a dedicated room or not. Then we can figure the placement for your theater seating, where the projector will go, the angle and placement of the speakers, and if there is a need for noise canceling technology. When designing, even the size and height of the room come into play. Have you considered if you want rear projection or a ceiling mounted projector? Would you prefer in-wall, in-ceiling, tower, or Atmos enabled speakers for your room?

Connected Home takes everything into consideration when designing your custom home theater you can maximize your space and completely fill the room to give you the best immersion possible!

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