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Keep Energy Costs Down with Home Automation

Home automation is fun and powerful, and it’s convenient to have remote control over your lighting, heating and cooling, and security systems. A popular consideration for home automation is to save money on energy costs.

A smart home can save on energy costs by switching off heating and cooling systems when they’re not needed, and by programming energy-gobbling devices to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint.

Automate Heating and Cooling to Reduce Energy Costs

Automation means you don’t have to remember to turn your heat or air down at night or when you leave the house. It just happens. No more leaving the house to heat all day while you’re at work! Instead, you can program it to warm while you’re on the drive home. You can change the timing or the temperature with the touch of a button on a remote or smartphone.

That can quickly translate into cash. Heating and cooling alone account for nearly half the energy use in a typical home. Setting your thermostat back 15 degrees (up in summer, down in winter) when you’re not home can save you up to 15 percent on your energy bill. And you don’t need to come home to a freezing house and shiver while it warms up.

A programmable thermostat helps, but a smart thermostat is better. On a day that’s out of the ordinary—say you work late, or go catch the kids’ game after work—you can control your HVAC system remotely. You can turn the air conditioning back on when you’re ready to go home, not hours before, and it’s still nice and cool when you walk in the door.

Home automation can also control your blinds and shades to keep sun from warming the house in summer, but letting it in when it’s chilly outside. Let nature help with energy costs!

Lighten the Energy Load with Automated Lighting

Lighting costs add up, and smart home lighting controls can ease the load. Program lighting into your home automation system so you can control it by app or smartphone. Set the lights to turn on at sunset and off at dawn for security or a household pet. And look into Energy-Star certified products for energy efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Energy When You Need It—Off When You Don’t

Open your door, and home automation will do all the things your typically do manually: turn off the security system, turn on the lights, turn on the evening news or your favorite radio station. That convenience is worth a lot, but your wallet will thank you too.

Connected Home is your local expert at installing home automation systems. We work closely with local builders on new and existing home automation installations. We install the best, state-of-the-art technology, and it always looks great or is discreetly hidden away. We’re locally owned and can help with troubleshooting any difficulties, often remotely.

Come visit our Leland showroom to see the terrific, reasonably-priced energy-saving home automation products we can install in your home. Call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876 to learn more about energy savings through a home automation system.

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