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Reduce Insurance Costs with Smart Home Discounts

Smart homes make your life easier and save you money. Now there’s a new way to save money with your connected home: Reduced homeowner’s insurance rates.

Major insurance companies are now offering discounts for certain smart home products. And they’re keeping an eye out for more ways to reduce costs. After all, your home is safer—shouldn’t your insurance be cheaper, too?

Smart Home Systems Make Your Home Safer

Plenty of smart home systems are designed to make your home safer. These include:

  • Smart security systems monitored by professional companies or local law enforcement. Fewer burglaries in these smart homes mean reduced payouts for insurance companies, so they can pass the savings on to homeowners.

  • Smart lighting control adds security to your home and prevents accidents, so insurance companies—and you—can save money.

  • Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These systems wirelessly transmit data to hubs like Nest, so your insurance company can keep tabs on whether the detectors have working batteries and up-to-code sensors. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in good working order save lives and property—and in insurance terms, that means money.

  • Smart thermostats can alert homeowners to freezing temperatures that mean costly burst pipes.

  • Smart water leak detectors. A failed water heater, dishwasher or burst pipe can be a disaster in your home. Even slow leaks cause mold damage that’s expensive to repair. Smart home water sensors connected to the central hub can alert homeowners to water problems before the repair costs add up.

How to Cash In on the Insurance Savings

While some major insurance carriers are offering discounts, others are not. And the discounts may be very specific. Call your insurance company to ask what discount programs they may have.

  • Some companies offer programs for specific providers such as Ring, Canary, and Nest. If you already have a system, search online for companies that offer insurance discounts for your system.

  • If you’re buying a new system, check to see what insurance discounts might be available for it.

  • Insurance discounts are becoming more widespread. If your insurance company doesn’t offer smart home discounts, ask when they will begin, or consider changing companies.

Connected Home Can Get You Started on Insurance Savings

At Connected Home, we work with new home builders to install smart home equipment as your home is being built, and with homeowners to add new technology to your existing home. Our professional installation company in Leland, NC specializes in home theater, home audio, home automation, and home security installation and support.

Learn more about great smart home technology available right now! Call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876, or stop by our Leland showroom to see the latest and greatest in smart home technology.

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