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Tips For Picking Out The Best Soundbar

Soundbars are a huge part of the audio market. This audio box contains all the pieces you need to connect to your TV, DVD, Blu-ray player, and receiver. It has circuits, inputs, drivers, and digital amplifiers.

Audiophiles sometimes look down their nose at soundbars, and it’s true that a full set of speakers will do more for you. True sound immersion won’t happen with a soundbar only. But soundbars can have great sound and they’re a popular and increasingly essential part of any audio setup.

Here are a few options to consider when choosing a soundbar, to be sure you get the best soundbar for your needs.

Match Your Soundbar Size to Your TV

Not only does it look odd to have a soundbar that’s out of scale to your TV, but most soundbars are rated for a specific size of TV. You’ll get the best results when you match the size.

Most soundbars go directly under the TV on the wall and they look like part of the system. If you aren’t planning to mount the soundbar, some come with a tabletop stand.

Check Your TV for the Proper Connection

Make sure your soundbar has the option to connect to your TV in a port that’s available on your TV. Not every soundbar has an HDMI port, for instance, while others have several.

Because soundbars aren’t designed to be the centerpiece of your home theater audio system, you typically don’t plug everything into them. But if you want to do that, plan ahead. Usually a home theater setup seeking a quality immersive sound experience will plug audio into a receiver. You don’t necessarily need an HDMI connection when this is the case.

Look at Wireless Capabilities on Your Soundbar

Aside from home theater, you may want to use your soundbar to stream music. If you want to use Bluetooth or other wireless technology to play music on your soundbar, look for wireless connectivity before you buy.

Sound Modes Can Help Quality

Some soundbars have the option to tweak sound quality. They may have sound modes for film, music, or sports, or you may be able to boost the bass.

How will you access those tweaks? Not every soundbar has a remote, but some people don’t want another remote to fuss with.

Look for Links and Options

Some soundbars can link to other speakers or a subwoofer. Check for add-on capabilities; it’s usually cheaper to add on than replace your equipment when your needs change.

When you’re getting ready to buy or install a soundbar, check with Connected Home. We keep up with the latest and greatest in technology and our Leland showroom demonstrates some of the best equipment out there, including soundbars. Call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876 to find out more about soundbars, home theater setups, and installation in your home.

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