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Smart Home Security Helps You Keep Tabs on Furry Family Members

We all wonder what the dog is doing when we’re not home, or how the cat managed to pull down the curtains in the living room. Now technology can help you keep tabs on your pets, whether you’re concerned for their welfare or just plain curious.

And that’s not all. Smart home technology can help feed your pets when you’re away, monitor your critters’ safety, and more. Read on for some remarkable ways smart home technology can help your furry family members.

The Amazing Cat Feeder

Does your cat wake you at 5 a.m. begging for food, when you don’t have to get up until 6? Set an automatic feeder to dispense kibble at Marmalade’s chosen hour. You can sync into an app to feed her when you’re getting home late from work, too—just turn on the feeder from your smartphone or computer.

Watch Pet TV, Starring Your Furry Friends

Security cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your pets when you’re at work. Does Benji really cry when you’re away, or does he go back to sleep? How does an 8-lb. cat get into your dresser drawer, anyway? Set a motion detector to let you know when your dog wakes from a nap or your cat is on the prowl. You can even get night-vision capability to record the furry kids when you’re asleep.

Nanny-Cam Those Furry Family Members

Monitor pet sitters who watch your animals when you’re away or dog walkers who come each day. Use a motion- or time-sensitive camera to alert you to the pet sitter’s arrival, and keep an eye on them to evaluate your pet’s care. Program a special entry code for your sitter right into your smart home security system, so you’ll know they’ve arrive to take care of the critters.

Beware of Fire

Better than a smoke alarm is a smoke and fire detector that alerts you to fire. A smart home can send an alert to your smart phone in case of fire, allowing you to alert the fire department. That extra time may mean you can rush to the rescue of your pets!

Connected Home wants your pets to be as happy and safe as possible. Talk to us about smart home systems that can let you monitor, feed, or even save your furry friends. Call (910) 317-0876 today to discuss installation of cameras, security, and other smart home technology that puts pet care at your fingertips!

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