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Home Automation; Going Green, Saves Green!

It's estimated that the Home Automation market will reach $79 Billion a year by 2020, bringing a staggering 477 Million new smart devices with it! Those kind of numbers will bring an incredible amount of kilowatt hours with them. That does not mean you will have to shell out big dollars to the power company. Many of these devices can be automated saving you lots of precious time, hard earned dollars and saving the environment with lower power consumption and emissions. Let's look at a few ways home automation can aid in your efficiency.

Water Savings:

Everyone wants to save water! Especially when we are under a drought and fines could be levied, and even on the contrary when it's raining and you left the sprinkler timer setting the same. Having the ability to control your water systems on your phone or tablet, gives you the ability to save huge on water by giving you control to make changes on the fly, set timers or even to shut the system down if needed due to leaks, ruptured pipes or needed repairs. You can even do this if you go on that European vacation you have been talking about. There are even smart shower heads and faucets around the corner that can change your water pressure while in the shower using voice control. Turn on the water at your sink with your voice when you have filthy hands to reduce having to clean the sink when you are finished cleaning your hands. Literally more and more ways to save water are around every corner, saving YOU on utilities.

HVAC Savings

Smart thermostats have come a long way since conception. Nowadays they can be integrated with smart home phone applications and not just timers, favorites or modes. You can set thermostats to slow or turn off when away at work and then to turn on again right before you walk in the door. Forget to turn off the AC before you left on that weekend trip? Just log onto your Elan 8 App and turn the AC down or off until you return. Smart Thermostats Can save you up to 23% of heating and cooling costs.

Next, introduce smart shades in those downstairs rooms to maximize interior temperatures. Set the shades to stay down longer during the summer months to keep the cool in and the sun out. Raise those shades all day in the winter months to allow the sun to warm up the room some without the need for the heat to be on as high. Then always set the shades to lower at night all year around to keep the warmth indoors. All of our Lutron Serena Shades have a significant R value (insulation rating), especially the room darkening ones. Honeycomb shades can save up to 30% of your heating and cooling costs.

Lighting Savings

Everyone wants to use LED bulbs in todays environment conscious mindset. LED bulbs are great for savings and longevity, but most of the time you need a little more. How about getting a "dimmable" LED or add a lighting control system. Yes it is an investment, but the ROI is fast and can make up HUGE savings on the backside. Connecting all the lights you use the most to a smart bridge for control anywhere can save you big time. Forget to turn the lights off before you left the house? Kids leave on a bedroom light? Forget to leave the porch light on before date night? Did you leave the clothes iron or curling iron when you left for work? Scary right? All these can be controlled from anywhere for convenience, safety and savings. Set "scenes" for while you are home to dim the lights to 50%.

  • Use a Smart Plugs to turn off computers and tv's while you are away. They use power even when turned off!

  • Use Motion Sensor lights that will turn off when no one is on the room.

  • Make sure you invest in a Smart Bridge or Hub! This device will connect your home to the you in the outside world. This on device allows you to connect and control every smart device in the house from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the web.

A home that runs itself has been a dream every since the mid 20th Century. Call Connected Home Inc. today and find out how we can help you finally realize that dream and save big!

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