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Finding the recipe for lemonade

2020, a year of perfect vision. Or so we thought. We might have had a huge monkey wrench thrown in that wasn't expected but at least we can find positivity in the little things. We have been forced to slow down our hectic lifestyles but can also finally spend more quality time with our families. A year for us to all come together for a common purpose for the greater good of our loved ones and community.

Our current situation is one never seen before by any of us. However we are lucky to be living in an era of new technology. We can Facetime family members, have zoom meetings with co-workers, and our children can learn virtually and see and message their friends in social media apps all while #athome.

One change, that can be greatly beneficial to all of us, has been the surge in tele-help. Many doctors have moved their practices on-line after having to limit or close their offices. Many of us that are still lucky enough to be working, having the opportunity to continue due to the fact we can access our files remotely.

The one great power of people is the ability to adapt to an ever-changing world. We seem able to always find creative solutions to overcome obstacles in our path. Sometimes these solutions may take more time, but with dedication to a common problem, we find a way. Even the way we shop has changed. Some have been forced to shop online to protect themselves from the outside world and others do a little of both. With many local business seeing extra-ordinary challenges, it is now more important than ever to help those in need when possible.

Shop local in Leland NC

Many of us our home with our children trying to be a provider, teacher, home caregiver and many other roles we do not normally carry. With this new appreciation for those whom impact our lives, we do our best to move forward with this new workload. Many families are not prepared for home schooling. Educational books, encyclopedias, and journals have moved online to reduce excess paper. It is vital you have a reliable internet connection to find all the resources possible to help your children learn and thrive. You can find anything and everything online. Connected Home wants to make sure that you have the access you need to secure the necessary materials for your child to succeed.

Learning at home is easier with a connected home.

It can be difficult, but we must remember to keep our life balance. Times are very stressful and in these times we can become easily agitated. You always have to find time for a little fun. Spending sometime outside when you can is extremely beneficial. Everyone could use some more Vitamin D. It can be all the more enjoyable with some backyard entertainment. Nothing better than asking Alexa or Google to play some relaxing tunes on your outdoor or landscape speakers.

Outdoor Speakers installed by Connected Home Inc. in Wilmington NC

With all these new limitations, it is more important than ever to maintain connections with those we can not see. Some of these maybe work connections and family connections. With so many business in turmoil, the necessity for your business to operate online and your employees to work for home is of more importance than ever before. Sometimes you just want to see your mother or father, siblings, grandparents or friends. This is another area where our current technology can save the day. Connected Home has built our business by bridging distances with digital connections. We are still providing our vital services during this pandemic to aid our society in continuing to function. We are happy to help keeping your connections fast and strong with our structured wiring that provides internet, phone and all of your communication and security needs. Whether for your business or home, we are here for you.

Structured Wiring Services in Leland NC and Wilmington NC for your home or business provided by Connected Home Inc.

Being at home for a period of time can be good for most people. There is that honey-to-do list that has been growing. It's the perfect time to clean out that garage! Or finally read that new book or just enjoy some time off for a little R&R.

Everyone also appreciates some time to theirselves. It's nice when the kids can go to their room for a little gaming, Facetime with the friends, or catching up on homework. This gives you some much needed time to gather your own thoughts. Parents "date night" has also changed. With voice control on Sony TVs just ask for your favorite movies or maybe just you can ask your home control system to dim the lights, play "your song", and dance the night away in your living room. Or microwave some popcorn and enjoy a family movie night in your theater or great room.

Home theater design in Wilmington NC and Leland NC by Connected Home Inc.

We are all #inthistogether. We have been extremely happy to continue to serve our community during this time. We have been busy maintaining connections and helping families to establish new ones. We have implemented new procedures to maintain clean vehicles, office spaces, and have issued PPE to every employee. We have also temporarily closed our showroom to appointment only, until further notice, to limit contact and ensure we can maintain proper social distancing. We have taken these extra steps to ensure our safety and the safety of our clients. We hope everyone is safe with their families.

We also want to thank everyone who has sacrificed so much to continue to protect the community as a whole. Connected Home Inc. would like to thank all of our police, fire and rescue, nurses, doctors, and those who continue to bring food to our localities. You are appreciated more than you know.

We can and will make it through this. But until we have beaten Covid-19, you will continue to see Connected Home in your neighborhood, connecting you to family and your business.

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