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Who is CEDIA and Why Are They Important?

"CEDIA is the brand of custom-installed home lifestyle experiences that define a pathway to prosperity for members and ultimate contentment for clients. This is achieved by engaging all integrators and manufacturers, regardless of level of development and geography, with forward-looking insight and the education, tools, relationships, and support necessary to provide clients with best-in-life experiences at home. CEDIA represents 3,700 member companies worldwide and serves more than 30,000 industry professionals that manufacture, design, and integrate goods and services for the connected home." In short, this is CEDIA (Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association).

CEDIA was founded in 1989 by a group of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the up-and-coming electronic systems industry. Their vision was to advocate the needs of the home technology professional by becoming the leading resource, promoting commerce, offering training, and aiding in the assembly of a legitimate industry that was at the time considered more of a hobby.

Since that time, CEDIA has grown into an international association with more than 3,500 member companies worldwide and has come to be recognized as the universal mark of professionalism for industry businesses.

The association has expanded tremendously in its 20+ years of its existence. The CEDIA show is a great example of the evolution of this industry. The first CEDIA show, held in Amelia Island, FL, hosted 500 attendees and featured table-top displays from some of the industry’s pioneers, the show has grown exponentially since that time in both exhibiting companies and attendees. CEDIA 2018 drew nearly 500 exhibiting companies and more than 20,000 attendees.

CEDIA has advanced the industry by developing timely industry education and certification, launching research initiatives, advocacy on legislative issues, building relationships with architects, builders, and interior designers, educating the consumer, and recognizing industry achievement.

At Connected Home Inc. , we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers through continuing education and staying up to date on the cutting edge of technology. We want to offer the best possible and most cost effective solution to serve our customers needs. These are the two most compelling examples of why we chose to partner with CEDIA, but there are many more. So let's visit a few more reasons why we continue to affiliate with such an amazing partner.


CEDIA is very well known for their national certification in the electronics industry. All of the field technicians at Connected Home Inc. are required to receive their base certification within the first 90 days of employment. Not only does this guarantee the company our technicians have adequate knowledge of the industry, but these technicians have a clear path to promotions and more earning potential. The more training and certifications you acquire, the further you will grow with the company. Just as with many careers, the more you give, the more you receive.

CEDIA offers four main certifications for field personnel.

  • Electronic Systems Certified - Basic Entry Level, Understanding of basic AV and Automation systems, industry standards, building codes, and most importantly the CEDIA Code of Ethics.

  • ESC-N - This is for advanced technicians who want to master their networking skills. The network specialist certification allows one to fully design and trouble shoot most issues with your home network including your router, modem, and access points. This is vital for an automation company, being that the entire nervous system (structured home wiring) of the home relies on the network to send and receive response commands.

  • ESC-T - This is for technicians who have gained valuable field experience and have now archived enough knowledge to become a solo technician able to complete many projects on their own. At the Technician level, this individual has several years experience in the field and is extremely confident in his/her ability in full home integration including system programming.

  • ESC-D - Highest Level of certification, but not necessary for every technician. Once your company is ready to expand, you will need additional estimators and sales personnel. This certification is most valuable for these team members. The design process is vitally important because the entire project will rely on this plan of action. Having certified designers will solidify more growth by instilling additional trust in your clients.

Each individual manufacturer will have their own special educational training for their devices and branding. Cedia helps make sure you have the skill to master any manufacturer training, and in addition gives you the vision to make sure all devices and and all brands integrate and work together seamlessly.

Continuing Education:

The best part of this program, is that no certification is for life. They expire every 2-5 years depending on type, unless you receive continuing education to get re-certified. That way each individual can maintain up to date knowledge.

Not only does CEDIA offer continuing education for electronic systems, but also for security. Every employee at Connected Home Inc. has to pass a background check and get Security+ certification from the State of North Carolina. Every year, each employee is required to become re-certified and CEDIA offers these types of classes to compliment their own services. Home security is an important ingredient in any smart home.

Acknowledgement and Promoting Success - CEDIA Awards

CEDIA offers numerous awards every year, in many categories, to recognize exceptional excellence in our field. The winners are announced every year at the CEDIA Expo. The winners business will be listed on CEDIA website, videos on Youtube channels, and in multiple print formats internationally. This way CEDIA rewards your excellence by spotlighting your business and promoting the success of both parties. Even better, there is a whole swath of awards for manufacturers! Not only can you find great installers to partner with, but the best equipment manufacturers to purchase from.

The following is just some of the awards that are given each year for installation.

  • Auto, Marine or Aircraft

  • Home Cinema

  • Integrated Home

  • Media Room

  • Multiple Dwelling Unit Design

  • Showroom

  • Project Under $25,000

  • Best Dressed Rack (Judged by technical panel)

  • Best Documentation (Judged by technical panel)

  • Best Lighting System (Judged by technical panel)

  • Innovative System or Solution (Judged by technical panel)

  • Life Lived Best at Home (Judged by architectural panel)

  • Technology Meets Design (Judged by architectural panel)

Then we have categories for those who have dedicated their working career to this industry.

CEDIA Expo: Networking with the Industry

Homeowners want the latest in home theaters, whole home audio and video networks, and automated control of just about everything. But technologies change quickly and architects, home builders, and interior designers may miss out on sales opportunities and customer service improvements without proper education on residential electronic systems. CEDIA Expo invites forward-thinking architects, home builders, and interior designers to interact with residential electronic systems contractors and discover how technology will continue to change home design and construction. In addition to exclusive educational sessions, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, attendees will hear from internationally recognized professionals and technology experts.

At the Expo, you will network and collaborate with other installers from all over the country, some from around the world. You can meet with new potential suppliers and vendors, learn new techniques to save time in the field, and see what's on the horizon for the upcoming year.

Connected Home Inc. has partnered with CEDIA for many years now and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. We have taken full advantage of their educational programs and are extremely proud to maintain the most CEDIA Certifications of any company for a 275 radius of our showroom!

We truly value are amazing customers. Connected Home Inc. strives to keep this level of professionalism to garner trust from our clients. You are entrusting us with the most valuable possessions there are, your family and your home. In return, you will receive the most knowledgeable and well trained technicians in the entire region, giving you the best possible advice for your whole home solution.

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