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 Audio Video

Commecial Audio Video, Meeting Room Audio Video, Conference Room Audio Video solutions by Connected Home Inc. in Wilmington NC an Leland NC.

Commercial audio and video systems are quite different from a typical home system. You need a  professional design and build for the perfect solution that will meet the robust needs of your business. One that can withstand the demands of a corporate or commercial environment. Connected Home Inc. stands ready to offer tailored, adaptable, dependable, and cost-effective solutions that accommodate the requirements and reliability of any business concern.​

Top brands such as: Extron, Yamaha, JBL, Bose, RTI, and Sony

Meeting Rooms

Connected Home Inc. is a CTS Certified Commercial Audio Video Company in Wilmington NC and Leland NC.

Meeting rooms are the hub of successful collaboration with team members.  Whether it is simply a localized meeting or if this is an international video conference call, you need robust solutions to meet your high demand. Sometimes in business seconds really matter. Trust Connected Home Inc. to deliver state of the art solutions to keep your business running ideal. We offer commercial grade audio-visual solutions, including projectors, various screen types, and television installations of many sizes and configurations.

Network & Telecom

Business telecommunications and Network Solutions in Wilmington NC ad Leland NC by Connected Home Inc., with CTS Certified technicians.

For a company, telecommunications and networks are the backbone of the business.  Everything is connected to your network and down time is productivity and money lost. Connected Home Inc. completely understands this because our network is the backbone of our business as well. Our team is more than efficient in laying the groundwork for your business's connection to the outside world. These vital components make it possible for you to deliver team collaboration, customer service, and remote access for your telecommuters.

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