Structured Wiring

If you have opportunity to bring in an audio visual company while your new home is still under construction, it is highly recommended.  Today's homes are very integrated and have ability to do amazing things, but these functions rely heavily on your network. During the construction phase of a new home, you have options of where you want everything located, from the home theater design to panel placement. Connected Home prefers the reliability of having your speakers, smart devices and television "hard-lined" directly into your receiver and network panels for better reliability.  Wireless systems are nice, but they can put a heavy burden on your router bandwidth in the home. All wireless routers also have device limits, averaging around 30-50 connections.You may need a more robust network to handle your new smart home. Connected Home always run Cat6 cables, instead of the standard Cat5e and hard-line all of your televisions, to make sure you wi-fi is fully optimized for family and guest devices. A more robust network requires a dedicated access panel for all data and telecom lines. While in construction, you can determine the location of the access panel. Simply put, you have many more reliable options during construction.

Location is Everything

You here this often when it comes to picking a place to operate your business, but location is crucially important when it comes to custom home theater design, speaker placement, rack location, WAP location for your network, television placement, and more. Let's use the equipment rack for example. This will house your modem and router, audio video receivers, home automation system, Blu-ray player, gaming systems and more. Where do all these wires need to go? Will this Blu-Ray player or gaming system go to multiple televisions? Let's plan ahead for all this to lessen confusion.

What about your televisions? If you would like to mount your sets on the wall, we highly recommend hiding the electrical outlet and cables directly behind the television for a clean look. Now our Electrician knows he needs power 4-5' off the ground instead of the normal 12'. We also know to install a Versa-box behind the television to house your cables and that we need a LAN cable there as well to supply a dedicated internet connection for your streaming device or cable box.

Your speakers? Location, Location, Location! How is the room itself designed? Open floor plan or dedicated room? 10' ceilings or 14' ceilings? All this comes into play when deciding what speakers to choose for your space and where they should be installed. Tell our designers about your needs, and we can find the perfect, cost effective solution for you!

Retro Fitting

Buying a home that has already been built? Perfectly fine, Connected Home Inc. can still help with a large variety of audio video products that will completely satisfy your needs. Wireless are very practical and popular solutions if you are purchasing a home that has already completed. Placement is no longer an issue with wireless solutions because they can easily connect to one another even in different rooms. There are no need for running wires, you just need power. We do recommend a data testing to make sure that your current network can handle the additional load and are more than happy to do this during your free consultation and walk through in your home. Sonos and Denon are two of the top names in the country when it comes to wireless audio technology.  We only partner with the best!  Let us know what will make your audio and video dreams come true and we will show you the path.

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