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Questions To Ask Your Leland NC Home Audio Installer

If you’re in the Leland, NC area and you’re looking for a home audio installer, you always need to keep a few key things in mind.

On the surface, it may seem like one company does not vary wildly from the next when in reality, each home audio installer can be very different from others. Protect yourself by doing your research to make sure you are working with professionals that will ensure you’re getting the right equipment and a great installation experience.

By asking the right questions up front, you’ll be sure to choose the right Leland NC home audio installer:

Are they Insured?

Only work with companies that are properly insured. Ask the company about their coverage and how it will impact you should something happen during your home audio installation. If you’re locating your installer on craigslist, there is a good chance they are not properly trained or insured.

Are Their Employees Properly Trained?

Be sure to ask what kind of training/qualifications the installers have. Home audio installation is not something that can be done by any contractor or “handy man”, it requires special training and techniques for wiring and installation.

Do They Run Background Checks on Your Employees?

Your home audio installer should provide an on site inspection and will be in your home either during pre-build or for a retrofit. Make sure to ask if anyone that’s going to be in your home has undergone background checks.

Do They Offer On-Site Quotes?

Find out the process for providing a quote for your home audio installation needs. Make sure you understand exactly which responsibilities the installer is accountable for. Does the quote include system pre-wiring? Documentation? Elevations? Wiring diagrams? Project meetings and management? Make sure to get your quote in writing and be sure it is an all-inclusive, closed end, firm bid.

Do They Guarantee Their Work?

The first question that you should always ask before any type of service agreement is made is whether or not they guarantee the work that they’re about to do. If they install your new home audio equipment on Monday and it suddenly stops working or develops an issue on Friday, will they come back out and take a look at what went wrong? Will they charge you an extra fee for doing so? You should always find this out up front so that there are no surprises later on.

Pro tip: Procure a written inventory of all equipment: exact brand, make and model numbers of every product you are buying. Accept no unauthorized substitutions.

Do They Offer MAP Pricing?

MAP means “Minimum Advertised Pricing” which means they are selling you products and equipment at the lowest possible price. On big projects, this can certainly add up!

Do They “Future Proof” Your Equipment?

Another important question to ask involves future proofing the equipment that the company is about to install. It wasn’t long ago that 1080p HD television sets were the highest quality TVs that you could buy. Soon, however, that was replaced with 4K television sets. Rumors of 8K television sets and beyond are only a few short years away.

You’re hiring a professional – so get their expertise. How will the home audio installer help you pick the right equipment today that will still allow you to enjoy the state of the art, high quality experience that you’re after? How will the company leave you room to upgrade to the latest technological advancements to guarantee optimal performance well into the future? These are all important questions to ask.

Do They Have References?

While doing online research via Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List and others are a great resource to find out about the experience other customers have had- but nothing beats speaking by phone number or through email with an actual person. A truly professional audio installer will have a long list of references willing to take 5 minutes to talk to you on the phone or by email about their experiences using the vender.

Ready to start the conversation about adding or improving your home audio theater or entertainment center? At Connected Home, we offer free on site estimates for your project to ensure we can recommend the best equipment and price to achieve your perfect home entertainment experience.

Give us a call (910) 317-0876 or request a quote online.

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