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4 Smart Home Gift Ideas for Father’s Day from the A/V Experts at Connected Home

Most Dads that I know value their time at home – whether it be enjoying their home entertainment or time with the family. Fortunately, even small (and smart) updates and upgrades in a house can improve time spent at home for not just Dad, but the whole family! New toys may not keep their novelty, but thoughtful gifts will never go out of style. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, we’d like to recommend a few ‘smart home’ gift ideas for your own dad.

WEMO Maker

If you’ve noticed that your dad needs to know how things work or is constantly inventing ways to make his life easier, then get him the WEMO Maker. This smart device lets your father monitor anything with a DC switch via the WEMO app and sensors. Working with a service called IFTTT (If this then that), he can then set up customized statements such as “If it’s 6pm, then trigger the blinds to close.” Any hobbyist will love the infinite amount of combinations and usefulness of the features that interact with any low-voltage device.

SONOS Speakers

You can find different sizes of quality SONOS speakers which promise rich sound and impressive clarity. If your father has a massive living, family or projector room, then we recommend the SONOS PLAY: 5 because you’ll get the best sound quality in the larger spaces. Your father will catch every word and hear every note with this surround sound system which can be controlled directly to your phone, tablet or computer.

SONOS Connect: Amp

This product allows your dad to stream any music he may wish to play onto this wireless player. You can link the SONOS Connect: Amp to other SONOS players within the house, and control all of the activity through your smart computer or smart devices. The clever and sleek design will fit any decor, and is sure to add a boost of energy into even the most mundane of chores. Streaming devices also have the extra benefit of introducing new bands into people’s lives, so that they can discover new favorites along the way.

JVC Projector

A home theater is an investment, but it’s something can increase the resale values in your home while providing a great deal of entertainment for the family. Purchasing the best means you can count on your devices to run well for many years to come. If you follow Connected Home, you’ll know that JVC Projectors are our preferred projectors, and for good reason. This recommendation comes to you after many years in the industry and valuable first-hand experience. Learn more about Home Theater Projectors here.

It’s a lot of fun upgrading your “ordinary home” into a “smart home!” Give Dad a treat this Father’s Day with something get him started toward a fully customizable smart home. Whether he prefers sitting in his favorite chair for the start of a beloved TV show or rocking out to the tunes from his childhood, you can help him get a better experience at home with these quality smart home products from Connected Home.

For all your home audio, video, home theater and home installation needs in Leland and Wilmington, NC, trust Connected Home. Contact us today for a free custom quote.

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