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Our Favorite Home Theater Projector – Leland NC

We have seen our share of home theater projectors ranging from low end to high end and wanted to find the best possible solution for our customers. Lucky for you, we found one that is lauded as the most affordable 4K D-ILA projector in the industry,the JVC’s DLA-RS49. And nearly 100% of our customers choose this projector based on the high quality and value.

The DLA-RS49 is ideal for those who want the best value in high quality projectors. JVC’s DLA-RS49 features e-shift3 technology that supports 4K sources up to 60p, JVC’s Color Management System, outstanding 3D performance and 5 lens memory presets—all with a native contrast ratio of 60,000:1.

The Best Quality at the Best Cost

Projectors can cost as much as $12,000 — a sizable investment for a homeowner who wants to create their own entertainment or media room. But just because a projector is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s worth that price. The JVC DLA-RS49U has gorgeous 4K picture quality the shockingly low price of $5,000, and 4K picture quality is what you want if you want the best.

Understanding 4K vs 1080p in a Home Theater Projector

A 4K projected image has four times as many pixels compared to 1080p screens — that means that the picture will be much clearer. Traditional 4K projectors use a single chip to display their 4K images; JVC uses a total of 3 separate chips for processing. The result is a fantastic display with darkness and lightness correction, screen adjustments and even 3D performance, all wrapped into an extremely affordable package. Download the brochure here.

Clear Motion Drive and 3D Performance

Apart from stunning 4K video, the DLA-RS49 offers optional 3D support and image processing. Parallax adjustment and shutter glasses give you a 3D cinema experience all within the comfort of your own home. The DLA-RS49 supports all major formats, including blu-ray, and has a total of 5 lens memory presets for the best quality every time.

When you purchase a projector, you want to get the most you can for your money. The JC DLA-RS49 is the industry’s most affordable 4K D-ILA projector and they do no skimp on quality. Stop by our showroom to see the projector in action! There’s nothing like experiencing the crystal clear picture quality yourself.

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