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Pro Tips for Designing Your Dream Media Room

Is it finally time to set up the high tech media room of your dreams? A media room can be a substantial investment, but it also significantly improves the value, comfort and entertainment of your home. Whether you’re interested in a theatrical movie experience, perfect surround sound, fantastic gaming experience, or all of the above, there are some things to consider for designing your dream media room.

TV or Projector Screen Size for Leland NC Media Room

What size TV do you need? For a true home theater experience you are looking at a television at least 6-10′ wide. Once you know the room size, you can determine the ideal screen size for your room you should be able to sit back from your TV 2-3 times the screen size of your television (measure it on a diagonal), and get optimal viewing performance. Or in place of a TV, you may even want to consider a projector and retractable screen depending on how you plan to utilize the media room. So take the time for space planning to map out where your television and seating are going to go.

Sound for your Leland NC Media Room

For an optimal listening experience, you should plan on a 5.1 (six channel surround sound multichannel audio system) surround sound system as a minimum or 7.1 surround sound for more die hard home media fans. According to DSI Entertainment do not skimp on the audio system as it is even more important than the picture screen. Professional home theater installation companies can optimize sound by not only equipment but also room size and layout of the room. Learn more about home audio options here.

“Future Proof” your Leland NC Media Room

Remember: technology changes quite quickly. You’ll love your new projector for many years to come, but what happens when you eventually upgrade to a better model? Head these problems off at the pass by making sure you leave enough room for any foreseeable upgrades in the future. A good way to determine your “future proofing” is to look at the most expensive technology out now and compare it to what you’re getting. In a few years time, that technology will become affordable to standard consumers — as an example, 4K televisions were prohibitively expensive when they first came out. Build with that standard in mind.

Build In Your Equipment

What’s the difference between a haphazard hobby room and a dream media room? A true home media room is slick, polished and largely built-in. But it isn’t all about appearances. Built-in consoles, entertainment centers, projectors, speakers and DVRs are all much easier to organize, especially as far as wiring goes. It can even be safer — no one wants a morass of extension cords to potentially trip on.

Should you Sound Proof?

Everyone knows that sound is important, but sound insulation can be equally so depending on your surroundings. If you want to blast your new audio system without annoying the neighbors/adjoining rooms and to listen to your music and movies while blocking the outside traffic. Luckily, insulating a room during pre-build is a fairly simple process when done by a trained professional. Just don’t leave it until last minute, as you will find the process significantly more complicated and expensive.

We are experts in helping you create your dream media room by integrating be best in audio and visual technology into homes. If you’re looking to build a media room in Leland, NC contact us today at (910) 317-0876 or request a free estimate.

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