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3 Reasons Builders and Realtors Should Work with a Home Automation Company

Home automation is part of the 21st Century, as more and more builders and realtors recognize. Modern home buyers want the latest home automation technology. That’s why area builders and realtors are working with Connected Home, a home automation company that can help home buyers get technology built in from the ground up, or a seamless retrofit to bring an older house up to date.

There are many benefits for builders and realtors who work with a home automation company throughout the building and buying process.

Here are the top three.

1. Affordability

Working with a home automation company can not only save you frustration, it can save you money, and that’s good news for buyers, for realtors, and for builders.

Builders know from the start where they will install wiring, lighting, sprinklers, etc., and can work with a home automation company to set up a central command center, without the fuss of hiding wires and controls.

Buyers love being able to manage power, heating, lighting, and security systems—and the lower utility bills that come with this control. And they appreciate how a good home automation company like Connected Home can create a home theater system that looks professional.

Realtors know that great technology and efficient power management are selling points. Working with a home automation company makes a realtor’s job that much easier.

2. Keep your buyers happy and at ease

By working with a home automation company, builders and realtors empower the home buyer. Small worries of home ownership are now under the control of the homeowner, easing fears and putting power in their hands. Homeowners will have built-in security with automated locks and control through their smartphones. They can turn power, heat, and lights on and off, or set up a system for efficiency and cost savings.

Our professional ongoing support will help put them at ease for when they want to add functionality or if there are any problems with the technology.

Realtors and builders have an easy time selling a new home with this power over security and control.

3. Aesthetics matter

Technology turns an average home into something special. Realtors and builders know that the snazzy touches of home technology can change a plain house into a dream house. And working with a home automation company to integrate technology components into the home’s traditional systems makes a sleek, attractive product that adds to a home’s design.

As people depend more and more on technology, home automation becomes less an option for the future and more a daily requirement, like computers and smartphones. Tech-savvy homeowners want to be able to turn security off and on remotely or watch the house when the kids get home from school. The extra touch of technology can make the difference so a new home will sell—and quickly.

If you’re a builder or realtor interested in home automation, don’t delay. Call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876 to work with us as we install equipment in homes being built. We also work with homeowners to add or upgrade new technology to existing homes. The future is now!

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