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5 Reasons the New SONOS Play:5 Is the Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is that special time of the year when everyone scrambles to figure out which gift he or she is going to purchase for their loved ones. The SONOS Play:5 is brand new and exceeding expectations after 6 years since SONOS released the first generation.

The following are five reasons that the New SONOS Play 5 is the perfect Christmas gift:

1. It’s the Perfect Size

The first reason that the SONOS Play:5 is the perfect gift is that it is the perfect size. At only 14 pounds, the unit isn’t too heavy for a Christmas shopper to ship to a loved one. The unit has modest dimensions of 8.03 x 14.33 x 6.06 in., which means it can fit snugly into a priority mail box.

2. Users Can Go Wireless

The SONOS Play:5 is as amazing wireless speaker that the user can control from any room. Six speakers are all neatly enclosed in a subdued, but nonetheless beautiful enclosure. It lets the listener relax and enjoy a blissful musical experience from an application. Consumers can control the SONOS Play:5 using a Wi-Fi connection and you can control it with your iOS or Android Device.

3. It Delivers an Unbelievable Sound

The superior sound is what consumers will love most about the unit. The digital sound system allows the consumer to have a state-of-the-art listening experience. Users can enjoy a pure and forceful sound from the music on the iPad, iPhone, CD, MP3 and more. They Play:5 also comes with the SONOS Trueplay, a speaker tuning system specific to each room its in that is controlled by your mobile device.

4. Access to Unlimited Streaming Music

Another reason that the SONOS Play:5 is the perfect Christmas gift is that the user will have seemingly endless access to millions of songs. The SONOS Play:5 comes equipped with Internet music stations such as Pandora, Sound Cloud, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, Rhapsody and more.

5. It’s Meant to Stand the Test of Time

Finally, the SONOS Play:5 is built to stand the test of time. The manufacturer crafted with rubber feet and a humidity withstanding exterior. The exterior features make the unit suitable for a young person who may subject it to some abuse while maintaining its class and elegance for the older person who appreciates its looks. The unit comes in two colors, black or white. The white shell adds to its image of purity. The Play:5 is also compatible with other SONOS speakers.

Whether the Play:5 is your first SONOS purchase or you’re adding to your collection (we can’t blame you for that!), we know you’ll be pleased with its capability. We are here to support all your home audio, home entertainment, and home security products and applications. Give us a call or request a quote online.

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