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Search’s Wellness Services Helps Your Loved Ones Live Independently, a leading interactive home security solution offered by Connected Home, Inc, is so much more than just a system to keep you and your family safe from break-ins. has built-in Wellness features that can be essential to caregivers of seniors who need consistent monitoring. Instead of needing to buy multiple security systems for your home, permits customers to have all of their surveillance needs met with a single mobile application.

Advanced Monitoring from Mobile Devices is a smart home security system that interacts directly with your mobile devices, allowing you to use the features at your discretion. While on the go, you can check your security camera feed or turn on your alarm if you forgot to set it before leaving the home. You have total control over your home and what happens in the case of a breach. Alert options can range anywhere from text notifications to calls into emergency personnel.

24/7 Live Monitoring

Along with the security monitoring from, senior caregivers are finding the Wellness features to be an essential component in their surveillance packages. As family members and loved ones grow older, they may resist living in an assisted facility or moving in with their adult children. Wellness offers a low-cost option for seniors who wish to keep their independence.

With sensors linked to the application, caregivers can…

  • monitor a senior’s activity around the clock.

  • track a senior’s movements in real time throughout the house as well as ensuring he or she is getting up and out of bed each morning.

  • receive instant alerts if the senior is wandering or going out of the house at odd hours. Unlike many senior-monitoring devices that are wearable, does not depend on the individual to activate the system.

  • caregivers and seniors alike are given peace of mind that the senior is being watched over even when no one else is at the home.

  • Not only is the senior’s activity patterns detected, but also gives application users control over vital household systems.

  • With a touch of a button, you can turn on and off any of the lights, adjust the thermostat, and lock the doors for the night.

“…the system provides real-time info on your loved ones whereabouts and well-being, all without the use of intrusive cameras.” USA Today

“A product like Wellness provides a simple, one-and-done solution that is clearly deserving of a CES Editors’ Choice award.”- Installation

Interested in buying for you or a loved one or own home? Connected Home employs a team of security professionals who can take you through the process of getting the right equipment to suit your needs to get started. Our security professional headquarters is located in Leland, North Carolina and we service all surrounding areas.

Contact Connected Home today to receive a free quote on a state of the art monitoring system.

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