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Are Sony and Microsoft Changing Gaming Forever?

With updates to our favorite gaming devices happening quicker than ever before, leading console companies Playstation and Xbox could be adopting a model more like smart phones where iterations can happen every couple years or less versus every 5-10 years.

The rumors are flying about the upgraded versions of Sony’s PlayStation 4.5 (akaPS4K or ‘NEO’) and Microsoft’s Xbox 1.5 (aka Xbox Scorpio). Neither company will confirm the changes, but the rumored changes are expected to change gaming for good.

Xbox Scorpio

Xbox Scorpio is reported to be a universal gaming platform that allows for cross-platform gaming across devices and consoles. There is speculation that it could include PlayStation4. The new features will separate the software from the hardware (3). According to an insider from Microsoft, the Scorpio will come in two versions. The first will be a slim, 40% lighter console and the other will be a mini Xbox. Both are reported to be wireless to go with an updated controller (1).

Microsoft’s filings with the FCC confirmed testing on new internals for the future Xbox, but details cannot be released until 7/29/16. The new features are rumored to have major hardware upgrades to support 4K games, a slimmer box with 2TB of internal storage, and an Oculus Rift headset.

Playstation NEO

Sources report the new features for the NEO will include a higher clock sleep time, improved GPU, more memory bandwidth, and will support 4K image output for higher visual fidelity. Reportedly, Sony has no plans to split the PS user base with the NEO, and both consoles will have the same interface and store. No NEO specific games are planned nor any exclusively locked content or gameplay options outside of running a superior version of the game.

The new model features new graphics hardware to provide more processing power and increased resolution up to 4K support. This increase in graphics will support PlayStation’s VR to improve the overall gaming experience, moving it closer to high-end PC gaming. The graphic improvements may include HDMI 2.0 support and the addition of a UHD Blue-ray device.


The predicted changes to the Xbox and PlayStation will move them to support 4K to improve the gaming experience. Both consoles are predicted to be smaller and lighter, wireless, and have updated controllers. The changes also include regular updates versus every five years. The tentative release dates for the NEO is October 2016 and Scorpio in 2017.

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