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Smart Ways to Lower Your Energy Bills This Winter

Homeowners understand the financial tasks that they have to uphold on a daily, monthly, and yearly timelines. In our modern era the technology advancements we have witnessed should be used to your advantage. Utilizing a home automation system can not only have conserve precious energy, but also your precious dollars when the energy bill arrives each month.

This winter is starting off a little bit later than expected in some areas. However, some cities/states are receiving historically normal averages of cold weather and snow. Either way, we will have to encounter the coldest season of the year at some point, so why not prepare for it sooner than later? Here are a few key pointers as to how you can save a few extra dollars on your energy bill this winter season by utilizing products and services we provide through

Maintaining a better energy schedule

We all understand how great it is to come home after a long day/night of work to a warm home. You deserve it, however, there is no point to keeping your heat (or fireplace) on if you are not home. Imagine that you make a big feast and no one is there to eat it. That is exactly what families do while heating and cooling your home every day.

Energy saving goal capabilities using

One of the most unique features of is being able to project your energy usage and budget. This is highly beneficial for households who love to know exactly how much they are using to how much it costs on average every month. Every billing cycle you are able to use the app to see your home’s average usage, last billing period usage, and projected usage for the current month. The app provides you a complete picture of the latter information, which will keep you right on track for your energy-saving goals.


Solution? Invest in a comprehensive smart home technology system such as that will help you a complete picture of your home’s energy use, and lets you set energy-saving goals with projected monthly costs. Alerts and daily energy summaries will help you stay on track and save more

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