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Automate Multiple Devices at Once with Scenes From

It’s just like being in the movies. All you need is a soundtrack. Wait—’s Scenes technology can do that for you, too.

Your smart home now gives you the ability to set Scenes, adjusting multiple smart devices with a single command. All the little tasks that you used to do by hand are now programmed into the touch of a button. You’ll save time and energy with Scenes buttons.

Rest easier knowing you haven’t forgotten one of these little tasks, and turn your mind to more important matters. And if you forget to set a Scene before you leave the house, for example, just open the app on your smart phone and tap a button—problem solved.

Start With 4 Ready-Made Scenes

The Scenes app is fully customizable, but it comes with four ready-made Scenes to get you started:

  • Away: Tap the Away app to lock the front door, set the security alarms, and turn down the thermostat when you leave the house. You’ll save energy and keep your home safe, all at the touch of a button.

  • Home: On your ride home from work, tap the Home button. Your smart Scene can turn up the heat, turn on the lights indoors and out, and open the garage.

  • Sleep: Just before bed, tap Sleep on your app to set security, dial back the thermostat, and turn off the lights. Maybe you’d like to set a bedroom temperature sensor to adjust settings for your comfort; it’s all programmable with Scenes.

  • Wake Up: Turn on the coffeepot and the lights automatically as you begin your day with a Wake Up app.

You can create a Scene button to best suit your own needs, too. Maybe you’d like low lights and music for a Dinner Scene, or set an alert and security changes when the kids get home from school. Choose commands for your locks, security, lights, smart thermostat, etc.—choose from all the automated features in your smart home, and set a Scene that’s right for you.

Connected Home Helps Set the Scene

Connected Home specializes in home automation, home security, home theater, and home audio installation and support, using equipment. We install and upgrade technology in new and existing houses.

Connected Home is locally owned and operated, and our knowledgeable staff at our Leland showroom can show you the latest and greatest of what’s available in smart home technology, helping you choose the best options for your own home. And we provide great service too, and often can troubleshoot problems remotely.

Call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876 to learn more about’s Scenes technology and how it can work for you.

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