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Back-to-School Security Alerts Help Keep Your Kids Safe

When fall arrives and the kids head back to school, life can seem so hectic and rushed. Your smart home can help ease the stress of back-to-school season with targeted security alerts and reminders. It’s as simple as a tap on your smartphone, and these details can really help you and your kids get back in the swing of things.

To ease the back-to-school transition, set up these security alerts, available from

Get Notified When the Kids Get Home from School

Set up your security system or smart locks with user codes just for your kids. When they get home, you can get an automatic alert letting you know they’ve arrived. That means your kids don’t have to remember to call you! Your smart home recognizes the code and lets you know they’ve arrived.

Smart Video Clips Keep an Eye on the Kids

Set up a video clip to be sent to your smart phone when the kids get home. This can also be triggered by the doorway user code, so you can see exactly who’s at the door. You’ll have peace of mind knowing just who’s there—not, for instance, the friend you’ve never met before. Hint: Don’t tell the kids you’re doing this, and you’re likely to see more.

Your Smart Home Can Remind You to Shut the Door

Parents have been known to call after their children, “Shut the door!” If yours are some of those children, set up a “door left open” alert. When your door is left open too long, a sensor is triggered and sends you an alert. This protects your child’s safety and saves energy, too. In fact, you can set the sensor to turn back your thermostat until the door is closed again.

A Reminder for Those Extra-Busy Days

Some days, in the hustle and bustle of getting out the door, you may forget to set your security system. Set an alarm to alert you when you forget, and you can remotely set your smart locks or security system. There’s no turning around to go back home—just tap a button your system is set!

Connected Home is an authorized partner with, a best-in-class provider of next-generation security services. This is not the old-fashioned system where you have 30 seconds to rush out the door!’s innovative systems connect smart devices and control them through a mobile app.

To learn more about smart home security systems from for your own new or existing home, call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876 or visit our Leland showroom at 473 Olde Waterford Way, Ste. 117.

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