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Beginner’s Guide to Smart Home Technology

Everyone wants to keep up with the latest technology, and that means having a smart home! But where to begin? Luckily, there several easy ways to get started with smart home technology. Once you see how easy it is to get started and how convenient it is to use, you’ll want to expand your smart home automation.

Smart thermostats and smart lighting are great beginning smart home technology. Here are a few ways to get started.

Smart Thermostats Make Great Beginning Smart Home Devices

Smart thermostats not only keep you more comfortable, they save energy—and that saves money.

  • Smart thermostats are smarter than programmable thermostats. They’re easier to use and are controlled remotely with a smartphone app. That means you can control temperatures even when you’re away from home.

  • Smart thermostats use sensors to help you control the temperature. They use temperature sensors of course, but also motion sensors that know when you are entering or leaving a room, and remote temperature sensors to serve other rooms. The more sensors, the better!

  • What’s so smart about smart thermostats? They use sensor information to react to your actions or learn activity patterns, translating that information into automatic actions that you specify. For example: Program your smart thermostat to raise the temperature in the TV room when you enter the kitchen, microwave your dinner, and watch the news in comfort.

Look for a smart thermostat that is compatible with other home technology, so it can work with other devices when you are ready to add them. At Connected Home we use’s smart thermostat which works with all other smart technology. It connects to every sensor in the house so you can control specific rooms. And it’s compatible with voice control too.

Spotlight on Smart Lighting Technology

It’s super easy to install smart lighting technology, and there are several approaches. All may be controlled with a smartphone app programmed to turn off lights when you leave a room or turn them on automatically before you get home from work, for example.

  • Smart light bulbs are used just like an ordinary light bulb. The smart technology is built into the base of the bulb.

  • Smart switches install in your wall. They look great and don’t require any special bulbs—just use the ordinary bulbs you prefer.

  • Smart plugs are plugged into a wall socket, and you plug your lamp into them. These can work with most appliances, too, adding smart home versatility to more devices.

Your smart lighting can also work as part of a whole-home smart technology package, integrating security, lighting, temperature, and other systems. That means your lights can turn on before you get home from work, as the house warms up and before the garage door opens for you, for instance.

Connected Home installs and provides ongoing support for smart home technology including smart lighting and thermostats and all manner of home automation. Stop by our Leland showroom to see beginning smart home technology for yourself, including systems. For more information, call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876.

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