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Get Started on Your Smart Home on a Budget

We love technology, but new technology does cost money. The best thing about most smart home technology s that is saves money, too! And many smart home changes can be made on a small budget.

If your bank account is modest, get started on your smart home on a budget with these low-cost, cost-saving tips.

Find Your Keys or Your Phone

If you’ve ever misplaced your keys, you’ll appreciate this one, and the cost is minimal ($25 or so). A fun way to keep track of personal items is with Bluetooth tags. Lose your keys? Make them beep with your smartphone. Lose your phone? Press a button to make it beep, too.

A Smart Thermostat Saves Money

This isn’t the cheapest purchase out there, but the savings from a smart thermostat add up so quickly that you’ll recoup your money and come out ahead very quickly. A smart thermostat adjust the temperature so you’re not heating and cooling so much when you’re at work or asleep—even if you forget to turn it down. And many systems come with auxiliary smart help like motion detection.

Buy a Bright Light

Smart light bulbs allow you to automate timing, dimness, and color. Some systems are elaborate and allow for changes along a huge spectrum of color, but you can buy bulbs that work on a simple system for $20-$60. Try them out one at a time with a minimal investment.

Dim That Bulb

A smart dimmer switch ($40-$60) integrates with most smart home platforms and looks just like a regular dimmer switch. With this, you can turn lights off remotely and set on/off and dimming controls as part of a routine.

A Smart Home Hub is an Inexpensive Investment

The hub that runs your smart home technology is less expensive than you might think! For about $70-$100, you can buy the brains that will allow you to connect smart products one at a time, as your budget allows. At Connected Home, we recommend technology from and Elan.

Old-fashioned home security means monthly fees, and that adds up. Cancel that service and invest the savings in a smart home security system with video monitoring, intelligent automation, and lots of smart perks controlled with a simple app.

At Connected Home, we love’s award-winning technology and dependable service. The interactive smart automation makes’s smart security among the best advanced solutions.

Add Door or Window Sensors

For a modest $30-$40, you can buy a smart door or window sensor that will let you know when the door is opened or the window raised. This security system can be added a la carte so you won’t have to install it all at once.

Connected Home specializes in home automation, home security, home theater, and home audio installation and support. Call us today at (910) 317-0876 or stop by our Leland showroom to see the latest in smart home trends and technology!

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