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Outsmart Burglars with Your Smart Home

Although burglary rates are down, there were more than a million residential burglaries in the U.S. last year. Don’t let it happen to you!

Luckily, your smart home has some great ways to outsmart burglars. Try these tips to deter burglars from your smart home.

Keep an Eye on Your House When You’re Not Home

Most burglaries happen during the day when you’re not home or on vacation. Luckily, your smart home offers unprecedented ways for you to keep an eye on your home when you’re away.

  • Motion-activated image sensors and security cameras send alerts to your smartphone to tell you when there’s activity outside—and who it is.

  • Motion-activated video cameras and video doorbells allow you to talk to people at your door. A burglar testing the doorbell to see if anyone’s home will get quite a surprise!

  • security systems are monitored by offsite professionals. If there’s an attempted break-in, your smart security system will call for help.

Smart Homes Remember to Lock Up When You Forget

We’ve all forgotten to lock the house when we leave. But an unsecured door or window is a burglar’s dream. Your smart home can help.

A smart home security system can alert you to a potential hole in your security. When you get the alert, just tap a button on your phone to lock a smart lock, close the garage door, or set the security system.

Security Keeps Burglars Away

Burglars look for easy access to your home, like unlocked windows and doors. And they hate security systems. It’s said that two-thirds of burglars won’t even make an attempt at a house with a security system—they just move on to an easier target.

A smart home security system is an easy and effective way to deter burglars, and systems have some special features that take security a step further:

  • A dedicated cellular connection means your system can call for help even when your phone or cable is out.

  • systems have crash and smash protection. If your security panel is knocked out, the system will call for help.

Connected Home Can Upgrade Your Security

Connected Home is your go-to company for home security installation and support.

We’re an authorized partner with, the best-in-class provider of smart home security. smart security solutions connect smart devices with a single intuitive mobile app. This is not the security system where you have 30 seconds to rush out the door! It’s a new world in smart security systems.

Call Connected Home at (910) 317-0876 to discuss how to keep your home burglar-free. Or stop by our Leland showroom to see the latest and greatest in smart security technology.

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