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Smart Home Technology to Make Your Outdoor Party a Splash

Technology is ready to make your life easier and your parties better! At Connected Home, we specialize in installing the best home automation from to make your life easier, better, and up-to-the-minute with great smart home technology. Here are a few ideas to get people talking about your next outdoor party.

Bring the Music Outdoors

The music makes the party! Built in smart home speakers or portable speakers with Bluetooth technology are the great for streaming music wherever you need it. We recommend water-resistant speakers that can handle a splash from an errant swimmer or a cold drink. Control the music to your speakers from a phone or tablet in real time.

Set a Party Mood with Lighting

Set the mood for your outdoor party with lighting controlled by your phone! Cooking on the grill? Turn up the area lights. Looking for a relaxed feeling under the trees? Dim the lighting as needed, or add beautiful color to your smart lighting system.

Let Your Guests Arrive By Key-code

When you’re in the back yard hosting the party, who will answer the door? With your smart home keyless door locks, the guests can let themselves in! Just issue a special temporary code for party night along with your invitation. Then your guests can come right in and you won’t have to stay inside watching the door.

Keep an Eye on Security

While your guests are free to come and go, you can keep peace of mind about security with security sensors and cameras from at each entrance. If someone mistakenly leaves a door open, you’ll be notified on your smartphone or computer. An extra camera outdoors can help you watch over the pool when you’re stepped away, too.

These cameras are a great help when your teenagers are having a party, too. Make sure the kids and the dog are safe by taking a peek remotely. No embarrassment for the kids, but plenty of safety!

Keep Your Cool with a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats today can learn the heating and cooling patterns in your house and adjust to keep things cool. If you need more air in the kitchen where the door is opening and closing, your smart thermostat can help. Plan to have the house the proper temperature before your guests arrive by setting an app—even if you’re away from home!

Keep Your Yard Beautiful with Smart Irrigation

Your sprinkler system can be controlled by an app, too. Make it easy to turn irrigation on and off depending on

the weather, or listen to clues sent from smart gardening sensors set into the soil. When party day comes, your lawn and garden will look perfect.

Connected Home specializes in installing home automation that makes your life easier with the touch of a button. Call us today at (910) 317-0876 to find out more, or visit our Leland showroom to get ideas on how to make your next outdoor party even better!

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