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This is What You've Been Missing!

Shopping for home theatre can be very similar to shopping for furniture in the minds of save shoppers who are truly in search of comfort and performance. Sometimes you don't know exactly what you want until you see it in person or have a chance to try it out for yourself. Connected Home Inc. understands this and would be absolutely thrilled if you would like to visit our showroom in Belville at 473 Olde Waterford Way. We are constantly upgrading our showroom to showcase new technologies and also to give our customers that in-home shopping experience they need to make the best decision that will fill their individual needs. Nothing is like hearing the vibration of the bass, the chirp of the tweeters in your future surround sound. Actually seeing the screen of the projector lower from the ceiling, to see the lights dim and know that your home can transform into a real theatre are both amazing feelings. You will know when you have made the right decision when you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand in excitement.

Everything we do at Connected Home is designed to bring comfort, peace, joy and ease to our clients. We invite you to come visit our enhanced showroom at your convenience. Come in and make yourself at home. Grab that remote with your own hands and explore all the possibilities at your fingertips. Test the ease of use that comes with our integrated Elan system. All your television, cable, music, Blue-Ray and gaming systems all combined on one remote for pure simplicity. Test the sound quality of all our top-selling speaker possibilities from quality audio makers Denon, Sonos, Martin Logan and Monitor Audio. Be amazed at our home automation lighting and window coverings by Lutron. Sit back and relax for a spell in our custom theatre seating by Salamander Designs while viewing the stunning visuals of our Sony televisions. You can do all this and more when you visit us at Connected Home Inc. We look forward to giving you honest and in-depth solutions for all of your home essentials in the automated world and hope you will join us.

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