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The Logitech Harmony Pro Remote

The Harmony PRO remote by Logitech is our best selling universal remote for total home control. Only available and installed by professionals, it includes Harmony Precision IR Cables, powerful multi-zone audio control, ongoing customer service options—and an enhanced warranty—to satisfy even the most demanding installations. This is not your average universal remote for a television and DVD player. Universal remotes have come far in improving their compatibility, the longevity and now have been integrated into voice control systems like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can now control your entire home on a single remote.

Now when we say universal remote, we mean so. Below are just some of the things you can control with this Professional remote.

- Television/Cable/Satelitte

- Media streaming (Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast, Netflix, Cable or Satellite)

- Lutron Automated Blinds

- Automated Lighting (Lutron, Phillip's Hue, Control4)

- Nest Products

- Sony

- Sonos

-Honeywell Thermostats

- X-Box

- Projectors

- Soundbars

Here are some of the basics about the remote...

- Can control up to 20 devices

- You can store 50 favorite channels

- Multi-zone Audio

- Rechargeable stand and charging cable

- Comes with IR Kit and Cables

- Has a communication hub for inputs

- Small Touch Screen with Haptic feedback

- 2 Year Warranty!

Basically, most standard universal remotes use IR (infrared) technology to send signals to the unit controlled. Harmony Pro actually uses a hub in your entertainment center to connect to all of the devices you wish to control. Each device will has an IR emitter that plugs into the hub and attaches to the device so that the hub can communicate with the input/output. Here is when it gets good. The hub utilizes radio frequency to communicate with the remote, which is much more reliable and does not require line of sight that a standard IR remote would need allowing you to keep the doors on the entertainment center closed for a simpler experience and cleaner look. With a RF remote, you can change the channel or input without having to point the remote at the tv. You can even be in another room and change the channel so it is ready when you return.

Our favorite feature of the remote is the ability to connect to the rest of the smarthome. This remote is not just for entertainment, it's about functionality and connectivity. You can easily pair this remote to smart lighting from Lutron, to HVAC thermostats from Nest and Honeywell, control music with your Sonos soundbar or speaker, arm/disarm your security system and even set "activities." Here’s where the magic happens. You can use the Pro to set up activities like Watch a Movie or Say Goodnight. For example, you tap the “Say goodnight activity on the Elite’s touchscreen, the activity could turn off your media components, turn off some lights and dim others, lock the door, lower your smart blinds, activate a nighttime sound machine, and lower the heat. Also, if you have Alexa or Google Home you can fire that same “Say goodnight” command off with your voice. And to make it fully smart home friendly, it comes with a free app so you can create your own activities, change settings and even use the phone as an additional remote.

The Logitech Remote is a fantastic super remote and could also be an entry level step into making your home a smart home. We offer additional smart home controllers such as Control4 and Elan, but they are considerably more than the logitech remote. The Pro is a great way to experience a little smart home without blowing the budget.

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