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Back to School- How Automation Can Help Your Transition!

Our most important job as parents is to keep our children safe. With back to school approaching, we have to keep in mind the changes we are about to experience. Changing schedules, after school sports or activities and children home before parents. Here are some tips to help keep your children safe this school year.

  • Create a lighting routine that turns off all the child's lights early to create ease and help them unwind before bedtime. Then a Wake up routine with music and open shades to help them rise out of bed.

  • Add a doorbell camera so they can see visitors before they answer the door while home alone. The Doorbird also has an intercom feature to allow you to talk directly to your visitor. Combine this with smart door lock and you never have to worry about your child opening the door to the unknown.

  • Add automatic door locks so you can lock up behind them when they forget, upon arrival or when they leave for practice. Once you receive that push notification that your front door has been opened and you confirm through surveillance-camera footage that they are indeed back, you can go into an application on your smartphone and lock the door remotely.

  • A security system with live view cameras can help you check in on the kids and pets when they are home alone. You even can pan, tilt and zoom to ensure that all corners of your home are covered. Our security systems give you live video access to your home and we offer 24/7 professional security monitoring that links to police, fire and rescue in case of an emergency. Best of all, you even can be alerted to motion around your front door – so that you quickly can be in the loop in the event of an unwelcome visitor. If your security cameras detect a threat, you can alert authorities directly from your smartphone application.

  • Time for homework? Or maybe plan for the week? Set your Elan or Control4 system to turn off distractions such as gaming consoles and televisions and turn on task lighting like lamps and desk lights. Check the weather and schedule for the week to set routines for arrivals and departures from the home.

  • Make sure your network can handle the additional online time for homework, movies and gaming when friends are over, and for online classes, on top of your online time for work and free time. We recommend Araknis. It’s better equipment, and it’s designed to handle anything your family can throw at it. Whether you’re streaming services like NetFlix and Youtube or using VPN’s, wireless access points can handle the load.

  • Add a Sonos One into the kids room. This will give you the ability to provide them with music, reminders, alarms, help with homework, and intercom functions.​ Television can be way too distracting when studying, but nice background music is much more subtle.

Smart homes allow us to stay connected to the home and more importantly, family in the home. Investments in your homes capabilities improves the value of the property, protects your home in case of emergency and keeps your family safer all day. When you proactively plan, you create a safer environment and significantly minimize risks that could cause harm. When it comes to the safety of your home and family, Connected Home always recommends professional advice and service. We only deliver the highest quality equipment, maintain the highest quality standards, and develop the most knowledgeable technicians. Our goal is to provide a brand you can trust and service on which you can depend. The time and money you will save can make a big difference in your wallet and eventually paying for itself in energy savings, plus the added home value helps. Keep connected with our blog for new ways to integrate huge savings into your budget!

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