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6 Ways to Make Your Home Theater More Awesome

Are you building your dream home theater in Leland NC? Here are 6 ways you can make it MORE awesome.

Find the Right Space

When you are designing your home theater, decide on what space you have available to devote to your project. Some people elect to have a separate room for the home theater, while others incorporate it into an existing living room. Putting in all the special features that you can in your living room still designates this area as a home theater.

Contemporary Living Room by London Home Media Design & Installation O’Brien Hi-FI

Optimize Viewing Experience with Screen Placement

A much more professional home theater room is obtained by hanging your screen on a wall, like a traditional theater instead of mounting it on top of a cabinet. This makes the screen less obvious and also allows the use of all of your floor space in the room so you can enjoy watching a home cinema when you secure your desired film to watch.

Opt for 7.1 Surround Sound

A home theater is just not complete without surround sound so you can feel the sound through expert technology. The most modern surround sound systems include eight separate audio channels for superb listening pleasure. You can either disguise the speakers that are in wood paneling to match your existing trim in a room or display them prominently. Speakers can all be ceiling mounted so as not to draw attention to them. Make sure the cords are all hidden no matter which route you take for a clean, professional home theater installation in Leland NC.

Contemporary Home Theater by London Architects & Building Designers Hill Mitchell Berry Architects

Consider Home Theater Lighting

Lighting that automatically dims when the film starts is part of an elegant home theater system. You can also integrate lights use step lighting to come on when you stop a film for a bathroom break.

Be Discreet by Hiding Your Screen and/or Projector

The ultimate home theater has a hidden projector and screen that appear at a touch of a button to surprise guests and friends with a professional theatrical experience. Projectors can be installed in the ceiling with a motorized lift and screens can drop from the ceiling. These added touches allow you to display artwork when the screen is not engaged and it doesn’t take up valuable wall space when your home theater is not in use.

Contemporary Home Theater by London Architects & Building Designers Hill Mitchell Berry Architects

Incorporate Luxury Seating

Seats should be comfortable throughout your media room. You can choose seats that rumble with the music from your films for the ultimate experience. Consider reclining seats so that avid movie watchers can relax while viewing a film.

Contemporary Home Theater by London Home Media Design & Installation Finite Solutions

Connected Home of Leland, NC can help your achieve your dream home theater with all of the features you desire. Contact us to begin arranging your fantastic home theater in Leland, NC. Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE.

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