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Benefits of a Smart Home Security System

Are you wondering what makes a smart home security system so special? A smart home security system is better than a conventional surveillance solution in many ways, some of which may not be immediately obvious. And a smart home security system doesn’t necessarily need to be more expensive than a traditional home security system, either. Connected Home, Inc in Leland, NC is an authorized dealer and provider. The complete solution provides the best combination of leading technology, proven hardware, professional monitoring and support.

1. It’s Accessible from Anywhere

A smart home security system connects directly to mobile devices — including your smartphone. You’ll be able to access your security system from anywhere, turning features on and off at will. Imagine being able to let someone in while you’re still at the office, or look at your surveillance camera at a coffee shop. Being accessible from anywhere increases security and protection (and don’t worry, it’s still only accessible to you and those you allow in).

Video: Life In an Smart Home

2. It Offers Constant Protection

Have you ever forgotten to turn on a conventional alarm system? Most security systems need to be turned off every time you leave and turned back on when you return. It’s easily forgotten, especially if you have any teens or children in the house. A smart home security system is always on, it simply sends you alerts and information based on its programming throughout the day. It can even be programmed to “track” your location and whether you’re at home! And you can decide what happens when certain elements, such as motion detection, are triggered. Actions can range from simply notifying you via text message to calling emergency services.

3. It Can Interface With Home Automation

One of the biggest benefits to a smart home security system is that it can be integrated directly into other smart home features. Want to control your thermostat? Your lights? Even your garage doors? All of this can be connected through your smart home security app through You can even make sure the temperature is perfect in your home when you return at the end of the day without having to keep your home heated and cooled unnecessarily. Imagine how convenient it would be to unlock your front door or raise your garage door with your smartphone.

4. It’s More Comprehensive

A smart home security system simply offers more comprehensive security than a conventional security solution. A conventional security system will usually track for motion and for entry points, such as doors and windows being opened. If a window breaks, the alarm sounds. But a smart home security system can be programmed for very specific behaviors. For instance, a smart security system may be able to detect the fact that telephone or cable connections have gone down and will then sound an alarm. It’s very common for thieves to disconnect telephone, cable or even power before entering a home so that the security solution will not work. With a smart security system, you’ll have an app that can tell if it loses its connection with your home.

5. Professional Installation & Support solutions are delivered exclusively through a network of best-in-class home security experts (like us!), making it easy to get a Smart Home Security system that’s customized for your needs, and seamlessly integrated for your home.

  • Professionally Installed & Configured

  • Award-Winning, Reliable Technology

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Emergency Response Timeline

Connected Home is a Preferred Home Security Provider in Leland NC with

These are only some of the major benefits of a smart home security system with If you’re thinking about automating your home, you should know that security is one of the most beneficial aspects of a completely automated solution. To learn more about home automation and home security in Leland, NC, call us at (910) 317-0876 for more information or a free quote today.

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