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10 Must-Have Features for Your Man Cave

Let’s get that man cave right! Some essentials are very personal—think golf vs. hockey. But there are some things every true man cave should include. As you plan your man cave, or if you’re working on an upgrade, consider these must-have features to get your man cave done up right.

1. Huge TV

Let’s face it: If the wife would have it in the living room, it isn’t big enough. You want a TV that’s in your face. When you and your friends sit down to watch the game or a movie, you want to feel like you’re there, and that means the best, biggest TV you can fit in your man cave. And, hey—be a good guy and let the family in for movie night, too, OK?

2. Recliner

For watching TV, listening to music, reading, or (our personal favorite) napping, you can’t beat a recliner. Sure, they’re ugly. That’s why you have a man cave, right?

3. Sound System for the Neighborhood

Whether you’re a music fan or want total sound immersion for watching movies—or both—you’ll want an amazing sound system that you can turn up as loud as you need. If the neighborhood (or your family) objects, invest in some soundproofing for your man cave. And you may as well get some crazy-good headphones, too.

4. Bar and Barstools

Even teetotalers like to feel they’re getting away from it all in their man cave, so set up a bar and barstools. Having friends over will be just like going to the neighborhood watering hole. Better!

5. Man Cave Fridge

It’s essential that you don’t have to leave the man cave for snacks and beverages. You can get special man-cave refrigerators that double as end tables or even amplifiers! But a mini-fridge is a must-have for any man cave.

6. Game Tables

Name your poison: Pool table? Dart board? Poker table? Foosball? Ping pong? This is a personal preference, but don’t forget the game setup!

7. Home Theater

Set up a home theater in your man cave for the guys, the family, and lazy afternoons. You’ll need a great TV, a surround sound system, and extra seating—don’t forget the cupholders.

8. Personalization

Every man cave should reflect the style of the man that inhabits it.

9. Security

As the master of your man cave, you should always be able to control and monitor who is allowed to enter. With, you can create notifications and alarms to prevent any unwanted guests.

10. Trophies

Add personal touches to make your man cave your own. This includes items not suitable for the living room, such as taxidermy, trophies and cups, or last year’s NCAA bracket. Add humorous dubious achievements, factual and otherwise.

11. Storage Space

You’ll need space to store DVDs, video games, game consoles, and other electronics you need in your man cave.

Connected Home has all the know-how, experience, and electronics to help you set up your man cave! Call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876 to discuss our professional installation of great technology. We have the best must-have options for your man cave!

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