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4 Reasons to Love the New Sony HDR Capable 4K TVs

There’s something special going on in TV development: 4K HDR TVs. At Connected Home, we install and see a lot of great home theater systems! But even we are wowed by Sony’s X940C and X930C 4K Ultra HD with Android TVs.

The new kid on the block is HDR video, short for “high dynamic range.” This stuff really looks amazing and gives home theater an immersive experience like never before. There’s even high-resolution audio!

What Is HDR Video?

HDR is more than extra pixels—every HDR set can display 4K video. But HDR also brings out details in both the light and the dark areas of a scene in a very realistic manner, as if you are seeing it in real life. There are no weird halos and filter effects, either, because there’s a wider color palette and specially encoded video.

Sony’s new 4K Processor X1 analyzes sources and upscales them to 4K resolution. Whether it’s broadcast TV, Blu-ray Discs and DVDs, or 4K Internet videos, these images have incredible clarity, lifelike colors, and bright contrast.

1. Sony 4K HDR TVs’ Clarity is Sharp

Sony 4K HDR TVs’ Precision Detail Enhancer cuts noise and boosts detail for a sharper, clearer picture. The 4K Processor X1 uses new algorithms such as Noise Crusher, Flat Area Detection and Super Resolution to maintain natural-looking, low-noise image textures.

2. Enhanced Contrast Gives a Truer Picture

Sony’s HDR-capable TVs can get super bright! An explosion or onscreen sun can make you squint. The LCD panels’ backlight systems crank up to more than twice as bright as typical LCD TVs to make the bright parts of the screen brighter and the dark parts a truer, deeper black. A backlighting algorithm, powered by Sony’s 4K processor X1, faithfully reproduces a far wider brightness range than a conventional LED TV.

3. You Will See Many More Colors on Sony’s 4K HDR TVs

New content and new TVs are moving far beyond traditional HDTVs with their 8-bit color space. The 4K TVs use 10- to 12-bit color, displaying more than a billion colors.

Sony’s Precision Color Mapping analyzes every scene and pixel to portray rich, natural colors. Sony’s unique TRILUMINOS® Display uses the 4K Processor X1 to optimize colors individually in real time.

4. High-Resolution Audio Augments the Experience

High-Resolution Audio allows the encoding and playback of music using higher sampling rates than those used in CDs. There’s a Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX to analyze sound sources, expanding high frequencies and bit depth.

S-Force Front Surround sound directs multi-channel processing for a realistically clear and powerful 360° surround sound. Front-facing woofers and subwoofers reproduce clear, full range sound, with a damperless design that cuts distortion. And Clear Phase fine-tunes TV speaker frequency response for smoother, more balanced reproduction of all frequencies.

We think you’ll find the new Sony HDR Capable 4K TVs an amazing, immersive experience and a huge step forward in TV capability. To learn more, or to find out about Connected Home’s home theater installation experience, call us today at (910) 317-0876. You can also request a quote online. The best seat in your house just got better!

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