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4 Reasons We’re Excited for The Roku 4K

About two in five American households subscribe to a video streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, according to Nielsen. If you don’t own a smart TV, then a streaming media player such as the new Roku 4 is a great way to get that content.

Roku is a reliable streaming service that gives TV lovers a more affordable and convenient alternative to cable TV. The Roku 4 is poised to make that experience even better with…the ability to stream in 4k!

Here are the top four reasons why we’re excited for Roku 4K TVs.

#1 Affordability

At just $30 more than the Roku 3, for everything you get, the Roku 4 is a steal. Access to over 1,000 channels and 4K streaming videos from Amazon, Netflix, M-Go, YouTube, Vudu, and Toon Goggles.

#2 Accessibility

The Roku 4 not only offers access to more 4K content than the Amazon Fire TV, it also makes it a lot easier to find. For example, you can find a dedicated section of 4K services within the Roku Channels. There’s also a 4K Spotlight channel (shown) that showcases 4K movies, shows, and videos from several services, but not Netflix.

#3 Future Proofing

When you purchase technology, you want to make sure it will meet your needs as new technology comes to market. By having a Roku 4, you are setting yourself up for success as more and more channels offer with 4k streaking capabilities and you will likely be able to watch DHR content. A difference between the Roku 4 and the Amazon Fire TV: The Roku 4 has HDMI 2.0 inputs, where the Amazon Fire has HDMI 1.4. What this means is that the Roku 4 can support 60-frame-per-second videos when they become available, and it’s possible that Roku might be able to update the player to support high dynamic range (HDR) content—which requires HDMI 2.0a—at some later date. This is something the Fire TV won’t be able to do, and Apple TV doesn’t have 4K support at all.

#4 Extra Features
  • The Roku 4 has a quad-core processor, which is one of the reasons it can support 4K streaming.

  • It supports the latest and greatest Wi-Fi standard, which allows faster speeds especially when multiple devices are using the connection.

  • The Roku 4 includes an Optical Out audio port for connecting to home theater systems.

  • It has a remote finder. Because we all need help in that area.

Call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876 for assistance with incorporating a Roku 4 into your home theater or home media center! With our extensive Leland showroom and expert knowledge, we have the information and products you need to take your home theater experience to the next level.

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