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Should I Upgrade to the New Apple TV?

Apple TV isn’t really a TV; it’s a piece of equipment that hooks up to a TV to allow you to watch TV shows, movies and other media, as well as your iOS content and iTunes library. It’s more accurately called a set-top box than a TV.

The previous model of the Apple TV—the 3rd generation model, that is—was originally released way back in 2012. Since it’s been so long since the last release, a number of the features have gotten updated and perfected, and some of the hardware has been updated, too. This article will cover those updates, so you can determine if the upgrade or first-time purchase would be worth it to you.

Storage Space – 8GB vs 64GB

This is a huge advantage to purchasing the new model: it’s offered in 32 GB and 64 GB capacities, whereas the old model only has 8 GB. If you’re looking to store your media on the Apple TV, this could be a huge reason to make the upgrade.

App Store Availability

This newest version of the Apple TV has the app store for the first time, so that means you can download and play apps and games straight from your TV. There will also be the availability of more diverse apps and more apps in general, because Apple has lifted the restriction placed on app developers; now anyone who develops apps that are within Apple’s app guidelines can publish their apps on the app store.


The Apple TV’s old remote has gotten an upgrade as well. The new remote allows you to flip through menus, apps and games precisely, whereas the old one made flipping through menus a struggle.

Siri and the Search Function

The newest Apple TV allows you search all of your services for your media—such as iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu—in one fell swoop. You can now use Siri to search, too.

Technical Upgrades

There are a few technical upgrades as well: the new Apple TV has 60 frames per second and more processing power.


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