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Simple Steps to a Smart Nursery

Let’s face it. We adults just love our electronics, and that does not exclude new parents. If you want to make your child’s nursery a “smart nursery,” there are many electronic devices that can give parents peace of mind and greatly improve the safety of your child in your own home. Check out four ways that a smart home security system or home automation can make the nursery in your home more comfortable and safer for your baby.

Monitor your baby on your smartphone

Forgo the baby monitor screen, and install an indoor security camera instead. There is simply no better video monitoring than that of a security camera. You can then use your smartphone to view your baby – looking in from wherever you may be. It’s the next best thing to actually being there.

Keep your baby’s room comfortable all the time

Temperatures in houses (and even rooms) can fluctuate greatly. To ensure your baby’s room stays at a constant comfortable temperature, install a smart thermostat. A wireless temperature sensor wireless is a small device that is easily installed on a wall in the nursery to tell you the exact temperature of the room and then heats or cools automatically until the room itself is just the right temperature for your little bundle of joy.

Track that toddler

Parents know how difficult it is to keep up with a toddler. It’s like you need eyes in the back of your head. Contact sensors are almost as good as that. For most doors, placing contact sensors on is a quick and simple installation process. The sensors will alert parents of potential danger that your toddler could be getting into. For instance, a door, gate, or cabinet is being opened that shouldn’t be or a drawer being opened unexpectedly.

Install smart lighting near the nursery

When your toddler gets his own “big boy bed,” it’s an exciting time. As a parent you know that it’s likely your child may get up on their own some at night. To keep them safe from harm, install smart lighting switches. Lights will come on automatically when the sensor is triggered. The trigger can be a sensor located on the door or a motion sensor on a wall. Consider the hallway near the toddler’s room for trigger points.

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