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What to Look For in a Smart Home Security Camera

If you’re thinking about bolstering your home security system with surveillance cameras, technology is on your side. There’s no more running wires through the house or complicated monitoring systems; cameras now run on your home’s Wi-Fi and connect to your computer or smartphone. Connected video cameras are smaller, better, and less expensive than ever.

Connected Home can set up a basic home monitoring system at a very affordable price.

There are a lot of home security cameras out there. To help you choose the best one for your home, we’ve selected features you’ll want to examine in your research on smart home security cameras.

Picture Quality

Just like any camera, picture quality is determined by resolution. These typically range from 640 x 480 to 6 megapixels, or 3072 x 2048. If you’re checking these on your smartphone, larger isn’t always better. Look at some sample images to decide.

Low-level Light Performance

Most Wi-Fi home security cameras use infrared LEDs to “see” without lighting the room. Check how far the camera can see without another light source.

Live Streaming and Controls

All home security cameras should be able to stream footage to your smart phone. Some allow you to tilt your view or pan or zoom remotely.

Audio Capability

Consider a home security camera that has audio capability included. Some even have two-way capability, so you can tell the kids to do their homework—or tell the dog to bite!

Outdoor Protection

Most Wi-Fi cameras are not designed for outdoor use. If you’re installing home security cameras outdoors, make sure they have protective housings to keep them clean and dry.

Video Alerts

You’ll want a system that allows instant alerts when you need them. Can your smart home security camera detect motion, record, and send an alert to your smart phone? And you want to choose when the alerts are sent—not every time the dog gets up to bark, please.

Connectivity in Your Home

For peace of mind, integrate a camera into your other security elements. You may want your home security camera to turn on lights when it detects motion, for instance. Or you may want to engage your cameras from a home control app.

At Connected Home, we take your home security technology seriously. We’re an authorized partner with, a best-in-class provider of next-generation security system services. With rules-based alerts, streaming video, event- and motion-triggered recording, we connect an array of smart devices. You can rest easy whether you’re away from home or safe inside.

At Connected Home, we know that great service does not have to be expensive, so we’re ready to provide excellent service, the best products, and cleanest installs at an amazing value. To find out more about smart home security cameras, call Connected Home at (910) 317-0876 or request a free online quote.

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