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Genus Life Hacks You’ll Thank Your Smart Home For

A smart home makes your life easier! All that technology can be fun, but ultimately it’s the life hacks we love: the way technology makes things just a little nicer for us.

At Connected Home, we’re always looking for a new life hack that will improve our lives and those of our customers. Please let us know your favorite smart home life hacks! Here are some genius hacks that we love:

Winter Warm-up Life Hack

No one likes to get out of a warm bed in winter and put their feet on a cold floor. Instead, how about if we turn up the heat with a programmable thermostat? Then when you wake up, the house is already warm and ready for you to begin your morning routine.

A cool room helps us sleep—and saves energy, which we appreciate when the power bill comes! But an easily installed programmable thermostat can start the household warm-up well before the first early riser gets out of bed.

A smart thermostat is even better. A smart thermostat allows you to change settings from the preprogrammed temperatures and times. Getting home late? Leave the house cool until just before you arrive. Sleeping in on Sunday morning? Set the time for when you plan to rise.

Start Your Morning with Music

If you’re one of those people who have a tough time getting up in the morning—or if you could use a few extra minutes before you have to get out the door—your smart home can automate your morning routine.

Use our life hacks to make your early-morning routine as pleasant as possible. Start with music. Program your SONOS Speakers or other sound equipment to wake you with cheerful music. Then crank some upbeat tunes to get that work-ethic mojo working and keep you on task.

Your smart home can make coffee, too! Use home automations kits that can grind beans and brew the coffee so you wake up to fresh-brewed java. That’s a good reason to get up and a smart life hack. Grind before the daily grind!

Welcome Yourself Home to Your Smart Home

Your smart home technology is a life hack when you return from a hard day’s work, too. Imagine how welcoming your home can be:

  • Outdoor and indoor lights turn on when you return

  • Curtains or blinds open

  • Music is softly playing when you arrive

  • Doors unlock at the tap of an app

Connected Home can help you get your life hacks in a row. We specialize in home automation, home audio, home security, and home theater installation and support. We partner with to create seamless smart homes.

Connected Home works with builders and homeowners to offer the latest in great technology—just what you need, where you need it! We’re locally owned, have seriously knowledgeable staff, and offer remote service to troubleshoot any problems.

Call Connected Home today at (910) 317-0876 to tell us about your own life hacks. We’re standing by to make technology dreams come true.

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