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Do I Really Need A Surge Protector?

Electricity is a wonderful thing. It provides lights for us to see, powers most of our big screen televisions and security systems and makes life a lot easier. But too much electricity, provided too quickly, however, can cause a whole lot of destruction -that’s why our phones start to ring after a thunder and lightning storm when electronics were not unplugged or grounded through a surge protector. We don’t want this to happen to you!

What is a Power Surge?

You have seen your lights flicker briefly, maybe get a bit brighter. This is one sign of a power surge. Normally, the wires that provide electricity regulate the amount that is passed through at any given time. When one of the sensors or regulators is faulty, or if lightning should hit a generator, this can cause too much power to pass through the wires at once. This is what is called a power surge.

What Harm Can a Power Surge Cause?

Putting it simply, a power surge can completely fry any electronics that are plugged in when it occurs. Regular outlets are not created to adjust for power surges. Your home theater is made to be powered by a certain amount of electricity. Less and the surround sound won’t work, more and it becomes overheated and the electrical circuits inside burn.

How Can a Surge Protector Help?

First, a power strip is not a surge protector, but a surge protector can also serve as a power strip or multi plug. Many people make that mistake when trying to protect their things and end up disappointed. A surge protector is created to redirect any excess electricity away from whatever is plugged in. If the power surge is too great to divert, the surge protector will shut down the electronics that are plugged in so that the electricity does gets to them and causes damage.

When Should you use a Surge Protector?

All the time. The real question is really which devices you should connect to a surge protector. You don’t need a surge protector for your desk lamp or your standing fan, but you do want a surge protector for expensive devices that have intricate microprocessors, like…

  • computers,

  • televisions,

  • stereo systems,

  • media centers,

  • high-tech kitchen appliances, etc.

Find a surge protector that has one more outlet than you need. That way you won’t be stuck in a pinch. There are many styles, including ones that eliminate any power to a device if it is not in use. In a normal outlet, even when you turn off a device, like your television, power still flows to it. This is why some electronics have been damaged by power surges even if they were off. Having a surge protector that completely shuts down when the item is not in use can save you not only damage, but unnecessary frustration as well.

We would be happy to help recommend and install the right surge protectors for your needs. Give us a call or request a quote today.

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